“Does my managed care program cover Chiropractic care?”

I hear this question often here in our chiropractic office. Here is an overview of how most managed care companies work and their relationship to chiropractic and other wellness issues.

There is a wellness movement in society. According to a Harvard Medical School study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, in 1997 there were 629 million visits made to non-medical practitioners as opposed to 386 million visits to medical practitioners. This number is up from 425 million visits to holistic healthcare providers in 1990. Wow, that’s what I call growth!

This 204 million visit increase to health care providers oat%20the%20starting%20gate Why managed care won’t keep you healthyutside the medical system, primarily chiropractors, has caused managed care companies and insurance companies to target holistic health care providers for inclusion in their managed care programs. When this happens, the HMO’s and managed care organizations set guidelines for that particular doctors’ practice.

Should doctors accept this role with a managed care insurance company, the doctor will no longer be working for you, the patient. That doctor will now be working for the insurance company.

For that doctor to stay in good standing with the insurance company who will be referring them lots of patients, that doctor will have to restrict your care. Prior to making decisions that support your individual needs, that doctor will need to get approval from somebody in an office who has never examined you, and knows nothing about your health goals.

As long as this is the protocol and hierarchy of the system, managed care will never be able to keep you healthy! Your health is your responsibility.

Think about it, if managed care assumed control over your wellness, it would look something like this…

• Thirty-six year old female:
Premium $325 per month will buy you one 12 ounce glass of bottled water per week, one 18 minute treadmill work out two times per week, one multivitamin every three days, one serving of green vegetables twice a week, and one chiropractic adjustment every four weeks.

• Forty-four year old male:
Premium $295 per month will buy you two 9 ounce glasses of bottled water per week, one 16 minute treadmill work out two times per week, one multivitamin every other day, two servings of green vegetables a week, and one chiropractic adjustment every three weeks.

• Four year old child:
Premium $98 dollars per month, one 6 oz. glass of bottled water every four days, one multivitamin per week and one chiropractic adjustment every two weeks.

While these examples might be made up, how different would it be in real life if managed care controlled your wellness? On the other hand, if you only implemented the things in your life that managed care said they would pay for, wouldn’t your wellness plan fall way short of its mark? Sure it would.

Medical insurance was designed for disease management, not wellness care. You and your family deserve much more than that, don’t you think? Absolutely!

Our chiropractic office has created an opportunity for you and your family to participate in true health and wellness care. We have adopted special financial policies that make ongoing chiropractic wellness care affordable for you and your entire family.

Every person deserves to be as healthy as possible! This includes you and this absolutely includes your family. Reclaim responsibility for your family’s health and wellness. Join the millions of other families who have chosen to make chiropractic a part of their lifestyle.


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