migraines and falls Chiropractic Care for a Patient with Chronic Migraine Headaches   A Case StudyFrom the August 3, 2003 issue of the Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journal, Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, comes a documented case study of a professional ice skater who had suffered from chronic migraine headaches. The study reports that when she was 23 years old and a professional skater she had sustained a concussion by hitting her head against the ice in a fall.  Prior to her fall and concussion, she exhibited no health problems. Following the concussion, she suffered with tension and migraine headaches. These symptoms persisted over the next twelve years, during which time she utilized daily pain medications.

At age 35 she decided to initiate chiropractic care.  The study notes that the initial examination showed evidence of subluxation in the upper neck (cervical spine) . The results were monitored by the doctor’s observation, patient’s subjective description of symptoms, and thermographic scans.  Following three months of care all headaches were gone. After a one year follow up the patient still remained headache free. 

The study’s conclusion noted, “The onset of the symptoms following the patient’s fall on her head; the immediate reduction in symptoms correlating with the initiation of care; and the complete absence of all symptoms within three months of care; suggest a link between the patient’s concussion, the upper cervical subluxation, and her headaches.”

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try a new approach to solving your migraines? If traditional western medicine isn’t helping, give chiropractic care a try. What do you have to lose?

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keeping your body healthy Your Body KNOWS!In today’s world, there is a doctor or specialist for every part of your body. The best doctor ever created works to keep us healthy and alive 24 hours a day. It is inside of us and it came from GOD called innate intelligence. Regardless of your religious belief, we would all agree that there is wisdom inside of us.  This wisdom within us…

  • Draws the blueprint and organizes every living organ for your body
  • Regulates, directs and controls the body all of the time
  • Knows when something is wrong inside of you and how to fix it.
  • Rebuilds all tissues, organs, muscles and bones
  • Tells you when to sneeze, when to blow your nose, when to go bathroom, when to sweat and when to shiver
  • Raises the skin into a blister when the skin is burned
  • Heals a broken bone or cut on the skin
  • Tells you when to blink your eyes
  • Grows your toe nails, fingernails, and hair
  • Beats your heart and puts air into your lungs
  • Regulates your body temperature
  • Tells you when you are tired, thirsty or hungry
  • Gets any sick organ or part of the body well

Your innate intelligence resides in your spine and travels from your brain to your body. If there is an interruption or disturbance to your body’s inborn wisdom, odds are you are Subluxated.

SUBLUXATION is a condition that occurs when the top two vertebrae in your spine misalign causing the messages from the brain to the body to become distorted due to the pressure placed upon the Brainstem.

Living in this state, your body is breaking down and beginning to malfunction.  The longer you live in this state, the weaker the body becomes.  Sickness and/or disease will eventually ensue.

Call today for a spinal scan and evaluation to see if you have a Subluxation.
It may just change your life!

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In 1997, the drug manufacturing industry bought their way into your home.  They lobbied, paid (and who knows what else) the government to change the laws regarding prescription advertising directly to consumers.  With the rule changed, the onslaught of drug ads on TV began.  It has become an unbelievably expensive venture for the drug companies and for the health of Americans. Drug manufacturers spend an estimated $15 million dollars per day on direct to consumer advertising.

Prescription Advertising Prescription Advertising – Don’t Fall For The AdviceThis type of advertising has lead to people deciding that they need a drug based on the commercial and going into their doctor demanding a certain type of pill.  Unfortunately, it is estimated that about 50% of the time a patient demands a pill they will get it – even if the doctor would not have taken the same action on their own (scary!).  This has obvious negative effects on the lives of millions.  Prescription drug side effects are now the third leading cause of preventable death in this country, now add in the growing trend of Joe Average at home deciding what pill should he should have actually getting it.

Medical doctors are fed up with the situation because they get blamed for much of the problem when they are really in a no win situation.  The American Medical Association recently held hearings with the Food and Drug Administration to try and stop the problem.  Dr. Angelo Agro, of the American Medical Association, has proposed a ban on direct to consumer ads (like the ones you see on TV) and summed up his case in a hearing with the FDA with this quote, “The public is not being given the whole truth.  By its very nature, advertising is  biased.  We are not against information being brought to the patient, but we have a problem when it’s biased, limited and brought about by multi-million dollar organizations that have a profit motive only.”  Well said!
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What if you feel great, your body is in great shape, and you are looking at maintaining your current condition rather than fixing an ailment?

Maintenance and Wellness Care Maintenance and Wellness Care – How Chiropractic Care HelpsFrom the April 26, 2004 release of the peer-reviewed scientific journal (The best, most accurate research is peer-reviewed), the “Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research” (JVSR), comes a very large literature review study showing the multiple benefits of chiropractic care (maintenance and wellness care) on people who are not suffering from pain or other obvious problems.

This literature review looked at more than twenty studies involving subjects who were specifically described as, “asymptomatic,” “healthy,” “normal,” or “free from physical injury.”  In addition, an equal number of studies were found also documenting objectively measured health benefits in subjects who had no symptomatic presentation, (asymptomatic).

The results of this large review showed measurable objective improvements in things such as range of motion, blood pressure, heart rate, plasma catecholamine levels, immune responses, enhanced respiratory burst, pupil reactions, slower heart rate, improved pulmonary function, as well as many other objectively measured indications of improved body physiology. (Most of these are because of improved balance of the Autonomic Nervous System.  The Autonomic Nervous System is involuntary and imbalances can cause asthma, high blood pressure, heartburn, etc.)

The conclusion of the study stated, “Data reviewed in this article lend strong support to the popular contention that chiropractic adjustments, for the purpose of correcting subluxations (correction goes far beyond symptom relief), confer health benefits to people regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms.”  The JVSR article authors further conclude, “A significant amount of preliminary evidence supports that people without symptoms can benefit from chiropractic care.  It is plausible that chiropractic care may be of benefit to every function of the body and have the potential for long-term, overall health benefit to those receiving chiropractic care.”

Slowdown the aging process naturally!

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If you’re looking for a Highlands Ranch Chiropractic center to help you feel better and stay healthy, it’s important to find the right chiropractic center for you.

1. Did you know no two chiropractors practice in the same manner? With many different variations and styles in techniques, it’s important to approach finding a chiropractor in the same manner as your other medical team. We practice the Blair Technique of chiropractic, and would be happy to teach you more about how this technique can help you improve your health. Start with our 7 Facts About The Blair Chiropractic Technique.
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2. What are your goals? If you have a medical condition that is prompting you to find a chiropractor, what are your goals? What have you tried in the past, and what are your expectations from chiropractic? The more you share with your chiropractor, the more he can help you achieve the results you are looking for, and help you develop a realistic picture of your future health.

3. Find out more about your chiropractors knowledge and experience. What case studies can he offer in patients with similar characteristics to you? While no people are ever alike, or will respond in similar manners, its helpful to know how others have responded to chiropractic care.

[Watts Chiropractic offers Highlands Ranch chiropractic services to help you lead an active lifestyle, and has been helping patients with all of their chiropractic needs since 2002. Give Dr Jason Watts a call today.]

From the February 2004 issue of the Journal of Chiropractic Pediatrics, comes a documented case study of a 28 year old women who suffered with migraine headaches for over a decade migraine headaches Chiropractic and Migraines, A Case Study before being helped with chiropractic care.  In her case there was no history of previous trauma.  Her migraines would last for several days and would cause nausea and dizziness.

In addition to her headaches, she also revealed a history of an irregular menstrual cycle, she would normally menstruate no more than twice per year.  This problem resulted in infertility.  After years of not becoming pregnant, she sought help from a reproductive endocrinologist. She was placed on medication which created additional side effects but did allow her to become pregnant.  Unfortunately, after 9 weeks she suffered a miscarriage.

After years of these problems the woman started chiropractic care.  She was initially given an examination and it was determined that she did have spinal problems.  A series of specific chiropractic adjustments were then initiated.  A re-examination was performed one month after care began. The patient reported a reduction in her headaches.  After the second month of care another examination was performed and the patient reported that she had no incidence of migraine headache for the entire previous month. Additionally, the patient noticed that she had started a regular menstrual cycle.  Within six months of the initiation of chiropractic care, she became pregnant.

Don’t you owe it to yourself to try a new approach to solving your medical issues? If traditional western medicine isn’t helping, give chiropractic care a try. What do you have to lose?

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If you’re looking for a southeast Denver Chiropractic care office, what should you look for? What questions should you ask before you start receiving care?

1. Location may be everything. With chiropractic care treatments, you may be visiting your chiropractor frequently in the beginning. If you’re located in southeast Denver, it’s important to find a chiropractor in southeast Denver. Finding a chiropractor close to home, close to work, or on the way from one to the other may help you make time for your chiropractic visits. iStock 000005771462Medium 300x199 Southeast Denver Chiropractic

2. Chiropractic care = wellness care. Once your maximum improvement is reached, periodic adjustments are still needed to maintain wellness. Wellness care means regular maintenance – not an adjustment when you’re out of balance again.

3. Visit with the doctor. Because chiropractic care is all about wellness, its important to connect with your doctor.

4. Look for ongoing education and development. Is the chiropractic office a part of the community? Are they involved in local groups? Are they active online, and make a commitment to get involved? Do they stay current on medical trends? A sign of a strong business is one that stays active.

5. What are your goals for wellness
? Different people have different requirements for a healthy lifestyle. Discuss your goals, and make sure your chiropractor can help you achieve your goals.

We have all heard lies in our lifetime.  As a country we have been lied to so many times that we don’t believe anything our government leaders say anymore:  we are skeptical of advertising, we are sure all salesmen are lying about their products.  Let’s face it; we have a lot of experience with lies. 

I’d like to tell you about a lie most people aren’t aware of.  This particular lie happens to be the most expensive lie in history.  This lie costs our country somewhere in the vicinity of $1 Trillion per year and also has another expense that comes in the form of human life, about 200,000 to be specific.  The lie that we have all been taught is that how you feel is more important than how you function.pills Are Prescription Medicines The Most Expensive Lie In History

Let me explain how this lie affects you:  You have a fever.  You feel very poorly, so you go to your drug store and get a drug to help you feel better by getting rid of the fever.  The fever goes away, you feel better.  The part that most people don’t get is that the fever is not the problem.  Fever is a perfectly healthy, natural response of the body to rid itself of some bacteria, virus or toxin.  In fact, a fever is the most powerful stimulus the immune system can have.  While your body is trying to raise your body temperature to rid itself of something that isn’t supposed to be there, you may feel badly, but you are functioning perfectly.  If we take the fever away to feel better, we have the potential of getting much sicker and risking death if we are not able to get rid of the invader.
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Have you ever stopped to realize how dependent we humans are on our nerve systems?  Everything we do in a day depends on the nerve system, from breathing to moving, to driving a car, doing our job requirements, thinking, even sleeping depends on the nerve system.  There is research today showing that the nervous system is integrally involved in every single bodily function – even learning.nerve interference Do You Have Nerve Interference?

In order for us to learn anything we have to take information from our environment and get it into our brain to be processed.  To learn something is hot we use touch.  To learn a new sound we listen.  To learn a new color we use vision and so on and so on.  All of our senses are merely receptors for our nerve system to gather information, and then the nerve system must accurately transmit that information to the brain.  The brain can only learn what the nerve system tells it.

Imagine if we have interference in the nerve system that distorts information coming into the brain.  We may actually be giving the brain distorted information and the brain learns it.  So now when we ask the brain to use that information…it gives us distorted information back out.  In computer terms they say, “garbage in – garbage out.”  We can only get as clear and correct information from our brain as we put in.
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iStock 000004648834XSmall 300x185 Make Chiropractic Care a Family Affair!  Pass It On!Remember the old game of “Pass it on”? If you don’t remember, here’s how it works: a group of children would sit in a circle, the first person would think of a short phrase or sentence and whisper it in the ear of the person next to them. The next person would whisper what they heard into the ear of the person next to them and they would follow around the entire circle in this manner. By the time the message has gotten all the way around the circle the message is usually very different from the original. For instance, the phrase, “Two cats jumped across the stream” may end up being, “Too Fat to jump and scream.”

Can you imagine if we used this type of communication in everyday life? Imagine how difficult it would be to get anything done correctly, never mind efficiently. Imagine if during an important brain surgery, the surgeon didn’t ask the nurse for the right tool, but rather whispered in the ear of the person next to him who whispered to the person next to her and so forth around the entire table in the hoped of getting the right tool. How would you like to be the patient on that table? (NO THANKS!)

This type of communication is preposterous. We would never stand for it in everyday life, nor should we. This example points out the need for and the importance of clear communication, even in simple matters.
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