How Chiropractic Care Can Help Kids With Football Injuries How Chiropractic Care Can Help Kids With Football Injuries

Football is obviously a rough sport, and many parents choose to withhold their children from this intense of physical contact until their bodies have matured and developed. However, now parents have been looking towards chiropractic practices to keep their kids safe and healthy playing football. The health of the spine is the number one goal of chiropractic care because it is the base of the entire nervous system, and football puts more stress on the spine than needed at such an early age.

This type of health care is done for preventative purposes, and can benefit a child later in life. Football is a game of almost constant contact, and although the hits aren’t as forceful as in NFL games, they can still do damage on the spine. Constant pressure on an undeveloped spine like this can lead to misalignment of the spine, a weakened nervous system, and a later development of scoliosis or arthritis in severe cases.

As a preventative care, chiropractors urge child- athletes to come in before any injuries occur, and not to wait for something to happen. A precursor to injury, chiropractors can teach young football players how to properly warm up and cool down for practices and games. The adolescents can also benefit by learning better posture exercises, and core stability for added protection. With these, kids can gain strength, speed, and protect their spines and nervous systems more efficiently.

Parents can breath easier knowing that their little athlete’s back is being regularly checked up on, and if injury occurs, a professional will be able to handle the situation and prevent future injuries. Football should not be taken lightly as it is a demanding and rough sport, but there are also many positives that come out of the game. Pads are not always all the protection a child needs, and chiropractic care can add more comfort and help for young football players.

spine health chiroptractic 300x300 Understanding How The Spine WorksWhat’s the most important part of your body? While you could convincingly argue a number of ways, your spine would be at the top of the list. Your spine gives your body structure and support. You couldn’t stand, sit, run, jump or play without it. It allows you to bend and move freely, and be flexible to do anything you choose to do in this world.

The spine is also designed to protect your spinal cord, which connects a series of nerves to your brain, and allows you to control your movement. Without your spinal cord, you could not move, and your organs could not function. In order to stay healthy, keeping your spine and spinal cord healthy and functional should be at the top of your list.

The spine is made of 24 bones, called vertebrae. A normal spine will have an S-shaped curve when you look at it from the side. This allows for an even distribution of weight, and keeps you healthy as you move day to day. When you experience stress, injury, disease, or trauma, this curve can begin to change. Nerves are affected or injured, and respond accordingly. Over time, this can have a profound impact on your overall health.

Chiropractic care is designed to keep your spine adjusted and working properly. When the spine doesn’t function properly, it loses its ability to protect your nerves. And if your nerve system isn’t protected, it allows problems to creep in, causing damage throughout your system. If caught early enough, adjustments can improve the condition of your spine. While it may not be able to correct your spine to original condition, major improvements can be made over time. And the only way you can see if chiropractic care is a solution for you is to start with comprehensive initial consultation.

We are a Blair Chiropractic office, and start with a series of x-rays to find out the current condition of your spine. We believe in educating you along the way – the only way to gain improvement is if you take control over your health, and help your body improve.

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