Do you Really Need a Flu Shot This Season 199x300 Do you Really Need a Flu Shot This Season?Flu shots are recommended every year for high risk individuals including the elderly, children and caregivers.  However, there is a serious concern by some researchers and patient advocacy groups about the potential serious effects of the flu shot for children.  In particular, some parents and healthcare providers are concerned about the mercury content of the flu shot and the possible link of autism.  Because of these concerns it leaves a lot of parents with the question of whether they and their children really need a flu shot this season.

The Risk
Thimerosal is a form of mercury that is a preservative in flu shots.  Initially, it was used not only in flu shots but also in vaccinations for children.  Because of the growing numbers of autism and the concern of the possible link of this preservative with autism the U.S. Public Health Service and the American Academy of Pediatrics agreed that vaccines for children should be thimerosal-free.  Dr. Stephanie Cave, a family physician in Louisiana who successfully treats children with autism and is an advocate for removing mercury from the flu shot, states that autism is mercury and aluminum toxicity.  Although officials removed mercury from vaccinations, because they did not have enough information at the time as to whether there was a risk for children, they still state that thimerosal is safe and there is no link between autism and the use of it in vaccinations.  It is concerning that although they removed it from vaccinations, mercury has not been removed from the flu shot.  It leaves the question that if there is indeed no risk, why remove it from vaccinations? Read more

How Chiropractic Care May Help Your Digestive Disorders 199x300 How Chiropractic Care May Help Your Digestive DisordersYou digestive system is the root of good health. Each of your body cells needs specific nutrients to work properly; if they are starved or lacking, they won’t work properly. And you’ll quickly notice by a problem developing somewhere in your body.

As you eat and swallow, food is broken down and enters the bloodstream and cells. If digestion doesn’t work properly, absorption is incomplete. And if the food isn’t digested properly, it breaks down by a fermenting process, which can lead to toxins being released throughout your body, making you sick in the process.

Proper digestion is imperative to good health. Yet more people suffer from digestive ailments every year – around 60 to 70 million people each year. What is causing these issues? More and more, we can relate it to our Western lifestyle.

Our diet is loaded with fats, sugars and processed foods. We eat on the go, and spend more time in the drive thru then eating a meal. Its no wonder people face everything from acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, to Crohn’s disease.
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Treating Colic Naturally With Chiropractic Care Treating Colic Naturally With Chiropractic Care

Finding ways to soothe a colicky baby is a frustrating experience for both new and seasoned parents. A baby is diagnosed with colic when they have fits of uncontrollable crying for a specified amount of time. The timeframe is usually three hours a day, three times a week, for three weeks. Many parents are turning to chiropractic care to find relief for their colicky infants.

Although chiropractic care is not generally the first treatment for colic, or something parents automatically think of when faced with a colicky baby, it has been shown to drastically improve the symptoms. Colic may result from spinal misalignments that are a direct result of the birthing process. A few simple adjustments to a colicky baby’s spine can correct the misalignments caused by birth. Other chiropractic care treatments involve lengthening the body to help relieve intestinal kinks. Both of these treatments are not painful or harmful to the baby and both treatments have proven to be beneficial to colicky infants. Read more

School is back in full swing, and all across America students are being diagnosed with ADHD, and being introduced to the drug Ritalin.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, an estimated 5 to 10 percent of all school age children currently suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). ADHD has a variety of symptoms, including:

  • Failing to give close attention to details
  • Difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities
  • Has trouble listening even when spoken to directly
  • Has difficulty organizing tasks
  • Is easily distracted
  • Fidgets and has a hard time remaining in one place

ADHD and Ritalin – Is Chiropractic a Better Solution 199x300 ADHD and Ritalin – Is Chiropractic a Better SolutionWhile a medical diagnosis is needed to determine if a child has ADHD before administering psycho-stimulants, many pediatricians surveyed responded they had spent less than one hour with a child before writing a prescription.

What does this mean for our children? Are psycho-stimulants the best solution for our kids?

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Ritalin users may face a number of side effects including stunted growth, insomnia, nervousness, dizziness, headaches, nausea, depression, anorexia, blood pressure changes, and Tourette’s Syndrome. Ritalin is also highly addictive, and has even made it into the mainstream drug scene, with teens going as far as crushing and snorting Ritalin to remain focused in school.

Instead of pumping medication into our kids at an early age, isn’t it a better solution to teach them about good health?

With all of the changes in our current health care system, one thing remains constant: the need to take control over your family’s heath and wellness. It starts with eating right, exercise, and full night’s sleep, and investing in programs that help promote wellness.

Chiropractic care is a part of many families wellness routines. Is it the right choice for you?

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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Lower Blood Pressure How Chiropractic Care Can Help Lower Blood PressureHigh blood pressure is a serious problem that many face, and the prescription drugs that are recommended by doctors can sometimes be just as dangerous as the condition itself. With millions of people living with high blood pressure every day, it’s only natural that some begin questioning the effectiveness of prescriptions, and begin looking for a different way.

Luckily, as studies are now showing, there may be a route to lower blood pressure through chiropractic care. The data from these studies shows an affective method being used that has no side effects, and may revolutionize the care of patients with high blood pressure.

Chiropractors work on spines to improve and protect anything from the nervous system to posture, and have found that the answer to lowering blood pressure may be in the spine. The key area is the Atlas, or C-1 vertebra, which is responsible for holding the head in place. An Atlas vertebra that is even a millimeter off can cause problems in the body, and can restrict normal blood flow in the spine, or cause arteries to remain contracted. When this happens, high blood pressure may be one of the results. Which means through simple chiropractic manipulation, original blood flow may be restored.

And by lowering blood pressure to more normal levels, in some cases, it may be enough to stop taking medications.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, chiropractic care may allow you options to your treatment routine. Not all blood pressure problems stem from the Atlas vertebra, but it is possible that your vertebra may be misaligned. If this is the case, then a simple realignment may just be your path to a healthier and longer life.

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