Do you Really Need a Flu Shot This Season 199x300 Do you Really Need a Flu Shot This Season?Flu shots are recommended every year for high risk individuals including the elderly, children and caregivers.  However, there is a serious concern by some researchers and patient advocacy groups about the potential serious effects of the flu shot for children.  In particular, some parents and healthcare providers are concerned about the mercury content of the flu shot and the possible link of autism.  Because of these concerns it leaves a lot of parents with the question of whether they and their children really need a flu shot this season.

The Risk
Thimerosal is a form of mercury that is a preservative in flu shots.  Initially, it was used not only in flu shots but also in vaccinations for children.  Because of the growing numbers of autism and the concern of the possible link of this preservative with autism the U.S. Public Health Service and the American Academy of Pediatrics agreed that vaccines for children should be thimerosal-free.  Dr. Stephanie Cave, a family physician in Louisiana who successfully treats children with autism and is an advocate for removing mercury from the flu shot, states that autism is mercury and aluminum toxicity.  Although officials removed mercury from vaccinations, because they did not have enough information at the time as to whether there was a risk for children, they still state that thimerosal is safe and there is no link between autism and the use of it in vaccinations.  It is concerning that although they removed it from vaccinations, mercury has not been removed from the flu shot.  It leaves the question that if there is indeed no risk, why remove it from vaccinations?

So What Should Parents Do?
Parents should first be aware of the risks and complications of the flu shot.  Parents should also be speaking with their doctor, and consult with alternative solutions. As a chiropractor, I feel the best course of action for my own child is to practice healthy habits, such as healthy eating and exercise, and receive regular adjustments to keep his spine free and clear. If you have questions, stop by for your own adjustment, and lets talk about your options.


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