How To Relieve Chronic Joint Pain How To Relieve Chronic Joint PainJoint pain is a common ailment for millions of people. You have probably woken up with an achy knee or ankle at some time in your life. Your pain may have been brought on by physical exertion and was easily treated by a day of rest. For others, chronic joint pain is a condition they are forced to live with every day.

Chronic joint pain can be caused by a number of factors, including arthritis and lupus. If you suffer from chronic joint pain, there are ways to find relief and make day-to-day life less painful.

  • Apply heat to the affected area. Use heating pads, topical creams or even a warm bath and allow your joints to absorb the pain-relieving warmth.
  • Get a massage. Massage therapy is a great way to provide instant relief to problem areas. Massage stimulates the joint and connective tissues, promoting fresh blood flow and pain relief.

How to Use Chiropractic Care to Reduce Skiing Injuries 1024x679 How to Use Chiropractic Care to Reduce Skiing Injuries

With the arrival of snow, many people are hitting the slopes.  Before you join other enthusiasts on the black diamonds, you may be wondering if there is a way to stay safe and reduce skiing injuries.  Since over 50% of ski injuries involve the neck, back, and knees, chiropractic care can definitely help keep you healthy, happy, whole and skiing this season.

1. Preventive care – They say “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  So it is with chiropractic care.  The best way to reduce skiing injuries is to take care of yourself before you ever set foot on the mountain.  Chiropractic care specializes in helping your joints function at their greatest potential.  This in turn keeps your supporting muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nervous system working in top condition.  You want everything working smoothly before you go.  A smoothly functioning body leads to minimal stress for your joints, muscles, nerves, etc. which translates into two key benefits on the slope.
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Instant Stress Relief Tips Instant Stress Relief Tips

For most people today, life seems to be a constant flow of motion.  We move from one activity to another, and each day begins with a to-do list that even Superman might find daunting.  How can we deal with the stress that our busy schedule naturally causes? Here are some instant stress relief tips you can put into your life.

Walk away – Sometimes the best stress relief is walking.  Separate yourself from the situation and work off some of that pent up frustration by taking a quick walk around the block.  Exercise can help renew your mind and give you a fresh look at the problem.

Save some time for you – Set aside some time in your busy schedule (at least once a week) to do something you enjoy.  Put away everything work (or stress) related and have some you-time.  We can only give of what we have, so take time to give to yourself before trying to give to everyone else.
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Tips for Healthy Aging Tips for Healthy Aging

Aging is a natural (and inescapable) part of life.  However, as you discover new aches and less energy, this does not mean you have to surrender to old age.  You can fight back and take charge of your life.  You can take a stand and protect yourself against the long list of age related issues.  Here are a few simple, yet very effective tips to follow for happy, healthy aging.

1.Eat Right – You are what you eat. So give your body the sort of fuel it really needs and help yourself to a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables.  Keep your protein in balance and make sure to get plenty of omega 3 rich fish.  Avoid high fat or sugar foods.  Healthy eating is the most basic step for healthy aging.

2.Exercise – Another basic, but vitally important aspect of healthy aging is exercise.  If you want your body to keep working for you, you have to keep it working.  Keep moving.  Find some form of physical exercise that you can enjoy and stick with it.

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