How Chiropractic Care Can Help TMJ How Chiropractic Care Can Help TMJ

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint between the upper and lower jaw. TMJ is not only the name of the joint on either side of your mouth but it is also the term used to describe disorders of this joint.

TMJ is a painful condition of the joint. If you have pain when you open and close your mouth, you may have TMJ. The key to solving TMJ without surgery is to treat it quickly. Instead of waiting until the pain is unbearable, seek treatment for TMJ at the first sign of discomfort. And while your first instinct may be to head to your dentist, your chiropractor may be a better choice.

Even though TMJ applies to the joints of the jaw, a chiropractor is trained to fix problems related to misalignments. TMJ is a misalignment of the jaw. Your chiropractor can provide massage and adjustment techniques to bring you relief.

If your TMJ is a result of back problems, your chiropractor can treat the source by adjusting your spine. Over time, your TMJ will diminish. Read more

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Chronic Ear infections How Chiropractic Care Can Help Chronic Ear infections

Statistics claim 35% of Pediatric visits in the United States are a result of children’s ear pain.  Additionally, almost 50% of children will have a middle ear infection by the age of 1 and 66% will have an ear infection by the age of 3.  Furthermore, frequent ear infections are the second greatest cause of surgery in children under the age of two.

With ear infections such a prevalent issue for young children, many parents are seeking another way to address the problem.  One viable alternative for chronic ear infections is chiropractic care.

Many chiropractors believe there is a link between the birthing process and chronic ear infections.  A misalignment of the spine can impact the nervous system, which in turn affects the eustachian tube, the tube that links the pharynx and the middle ear.  This could lead to a build up of fluid in the middle ear causing an ear infection. Read more

Face it. Chronic pain can make life miserable. However, by following these simple tips, chronic pain may be reduced or even eliminated all together.

1. Be happy. Remember the mantra, “Don’t worry. Be happy?” Research shows that having a positive mental attitude is one of the best ways to reduce chronic pain. In many cases, a positive attitude has been credited with getting rid of pain all together.

2. Eat a healthy diet.
Give the body every chance to feel good. A healthy diet will go a long way in helping a person cope with chronic pain. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and drink a modest amount of water.

How To Prevent Chronic Pain How To Prevent Chronic Pain

3. Lose weight. People who lose weight have a better time coping with chronic pain. Some of this may be mental, but it also comes down to good health. A healthy body is a happier body.
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