How to Improve Your Posture How to Improve Your Posture

Are you interested in looking taller and more confident?  Do you want to strengthen your core, shoulders, and neck?  If you answered yes to either of these, consider adjusting your posture.  Improve your posture to improve your image.  Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

1. Think tall – This may sound crazy, but it works.  If you want good posture; think tall, light, and confident thoughts.  If you trudge around feeling lazy, lethargic, and negative, your posture will show it.  Give your back a boost through your thoughts and attitudes.

2. Check your posture – It is difficult to achieve good posture if you don’t know what it is supposed to look or feel like.  Stand sideways in front of a mirror.  Adjust your position until your ears, shoulders and hips are aligned.  Another test you can use requires a wall.  Stand against the wall with your heels, backside, shoulders, and head touch the wall.  These two test can help you get used to the look and feel of good posture.
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Slips Trips and Falls How to Recover from Your Injuries Slips, Trips, and Falls: How to Recover from Your Injuries

Studies have shown that slips, trips, and falls are a major source of workplace injuries each year.  In 2002, it was reported that 37% of reported workplace injuries were the result of a slip, trip, or fall.  OSHA concurs with these reports, citing the frequency and danger of these types of injuries.  Thankfully, there are precautions employees can take to protect themselves from these injuries, and services they can seek to help them recover in the event of an injury.

Here are a few things you can do to be proactive and protect yourself from a fall:

Watch where you are walking. If you see a tripping or slipping hazard you are much more likely to avoid it than if you are looking away.
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Tips For Healthy Living 10 Tips For Healthy Living in 2011

It is a New Year and that means resolutions. One of the most common resolutions is the vow to get healthy. There are many ways to live a healthy life and many of them go beyond just eating right. The following ten tips will have you living 2011 in the healthiest, happiest way possible.

1. Follow a healthy diet – Eating healthy does not mean deprivation. Simply controlling your portion sizes and cutting back on fats will make a huge difference. Indulge your cravings in moderation.

2. Get moving – Exercise is the key to health. You can be on the strictest diet, but if you are not moving, you will not get the desired results. Exercise releases endorphins that will have you feeling your best.

3. Treat yourself – Stress and tension lead to high blood pressure and heart attacks. Make time for yourself at least once a month. Spend the day at the spa and get a high-quality massage. You will be amazed at how this regular splurge relieves your stress.
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How to Set New Years Resolutions You Will Keep with chiropractic care 300x300 How to Set New Year’s Resolutions You Will KeepThe holidays are over and we are standing at the brink of a New Year.  So what are your resolutions this year?  Do you plan to lose weight?  Do you hope to take better care of yourself? Whatever your New Year’s resolutions are, you might be wondering how to make them last.  We are all very familiar with the New Year’s resolution that becomes a January resolution.  So how are you going to make this year different?  How can you set New Year’s resolutions you will keep?

1. Be realistic – As you set your resolutions be honest with yourself.  In a best case scenario, will you be able to complete your resolution this year?  If the answer is yes, now consider, will you be able to complete your resolution this year with a less than best case scenario?  If the answer is still yes, then you probably did OK as far as being realistic with your goals.

2. Make small goals – Especially if you have one or several larger resolutions on your list, be sure to break each of them down into smaller goals.  For instance, if you plan on losing 40 pounds this year, consider setting a goal to lose 3 pounds a month.  And if you plan on taking better care of yourself, choose one thing to get started on, like finding a chiropractor. This helps keep things in perspective, and keeps you from getting discouraged. Read more