Ways Chiropractic Can Help Mens Health 7 Ways Chiropractic Can Help Mens Health

You know that a chiropractor can help with back pain by adjusting your spine. But did you know a chiropractor can help men in a variety of other ways? Its not just about fixing an ailment; in many ways it can make you stronger and healthier, and help you enjoy the lifestyle you work so hard for.

1. Relieve back pain – The most commonly thought of benefit of chiropractic is of course the relief of back pain.  Through spinal adjustment, the chiropractor seeks to realign your vertebrae, thus improving the functionality of your spine and spinal column.

2. Minimize headaches
– Chiropractic can also aid in minimizing a man’s headaches.  Proper alignment helps contribute to better blood flow and less tension, resulting in fewer tension headaches.

3. Increase muscle strength – Spinal alignment also results in an increase of muscle strength in your back.  With everything properly aligned, the muscles, ligaments and bones can work with the strength and support they were originally intended to have. Read more

Help for Your Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy Help for Your Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Studies show that in addition to the morning sickness, headaches, and frequent trips to the restroom; over 50% of pregnant women will also have to deal with some level of back pain during their pregnancy.  Doctors tell women it is normal, and most times there is little they can do to relieve it.  But for these suffering mothers-to-be there is hope.  Recent studies have shown that relief is possible.  Here are a few guidelines to help any  woman in her attempt to relieve prenatal back pain.

1. Watch your posture – Your growing abdomen and the hormone relaxin are doing their best to tax your lower back muscles and spine.  Do what you can to compensate for the extra strain by watching your posture.  If you sit all day, try to use a chair that provides good back support.  Slouching will only cause further stress to your already overburdened back.

2. Stretch often – Stretching can help give your body the bit of motion it might need to get back in proper positioning.  Not only that, but it sure feels good for tired muscles. Read more

How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Womens Health How Chiropractic Care Can Improve Womens Health

Today’s women are an active, busy, health conscious group whose needs vary from those of their predecessors.  Yes, women may still suffer from the pains of womanhood as their forerunners, but their active lifestyle presents a new twist on womens health.  Which means today’s women can benefit greatly from a chiropractic approach to their health.

Chiropractic focuses mainly on the alignment of the spine.  This can benefit women in many ways.  Proper alignment of the spine leads to proper functioning of the nervous system, cutting down on the frequency and intensity of certain types of headaches.  Proper alignment can also help ease the discomforts associated with more womanly issues such as menstruation, pregnancy, and birth.  If a woman’s body is properly aligned it can help everything else function more efficiently (and hopefully, less painfully).
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Why Tai Chi and Chiropractic Can Help You Reduce Falls Why Tai Chi and Chiropractic Can Help You Reduce Falls

Whether from icy conditions, personal clumsiness, or any cause in between, falls can be a painful and harmful interruption to your daily life.  While caution and attention to your surroundings can help you avoid potential fall situations, this isn’t always sufficient to protect yourself. As we age, our balance begins to decrease, and what once was an easy task, can now cause harm and fear.

More and more people are recognizing the need to work on balance. And a great way to start is to find your nearest Tai Chi class. With Tai Chi and routine Chiropractic adjustments, you’ll quickly be on your way to healthy living – and to reduced falls.

Skeptics might question the validity of such an approach, but recent studies have shown that there are definite benefits to this combination.  Recently published guidelines from the American Geriatrics Society state that the combination of Tai Chi and Chiropractic were beneficial for helping reduce falls in seniors.
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