Easy Ways to Prevent and Reduce Your Back Pain Easy Ways to Prevent and Reduce Your Back Pain

Whether it is a minor twinge or a debilitating throb, back pain can be a serious impediment to daily activities.

Unfortunately, this type of irritation is a common occurrence for many people.  In fact, studies suggest that as you are reading this, 31 million Americans are suffering from back pain.  With such high numbers, it comes as no surprise that back pain complaints are the second most common cause for doctor visits.

With such an alarming number of individuals afflicted, it would be wise for each of us to practice a few simple tips to help prevent or reduce back pain.

Proper posture is very important to back health.  Slouching can cause undo stress to the muscles, ligaments, and bones in your support column.  Standing and sitting with proper posture will help maintain a strong, supportive, less painful back. Read more

10 Tips for Men Staying Healthy Over 50 10 Tips for Men   Staying Healthy Over 50

You’re a strong man.  You’re over fifty, loving life, and wanting to keep it that way.  Make sure you are ready to face all the great days ahead by keeping fit with a few health tips.

1. Keep active – The best way to stay healthy at any age is to keep active.  Maintaining a moderate exercise regime will keep your body moving and help avoid weight related issues.

2. Watch what you eat – Eating right is another constant in the quest for good health.  Give your body the proper tools for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

3. Watch your weight – While you shouldn’t obsess about it, the number on the scale is important.  Make a habit of checking it at least once a week.  Let you doctor know if there are any extreme changes.
Read more

The Dangers of BPA Keeping Your Kids Healthy The Dangers of BPA Keeping Your Kids Healthy

Bisphenol-A, also known as BPA, has been the subject of many discussions and scientific studies. BPA is a chemical used in the lining of cans and in the production of many types of plastics, including some baby bottles and sippy cups.

People that are exposed to BPA at an early age are statistically more susceptible to developing health problems, such as an increased risk of prostate and breast cancer. BPA has also been linked to birth defects, ADHD, obesity, and early puberty. It is important for parents to know the risks and take the necessary precautions to protect their children. Until the federal government steps in and incorporates stringent regulations on the use of chemicals, parents must educate and protect themselves and their kids.

Although other countries have taken the initiative and banned the use of BPA from being used in the production of baby bottles, the United States has yet to make that move. As a parent, there are still ways you can protect your baby from the harmful effects of BPA. Read more

If you ever experience back pain, you probably visit your chiropractor to help ease the pain when nothing else works. Chiropractors are known for helping people that suffer from chronic back pain to experience relief. Simple adjustments to the spine can help patients get relief from their aching backs.

If you have ever experienced shoulder pain, you may not know where to turn for relief. It might surprise you to know that your chiropractor may be able to alleviate all or some of your shoulder pain.

How A Chiropractor Can Help With A Shoulder Injury How A Chiropractor Can Help With A Shoulder Injury

Chiropractors are not just doctors for back pain. Chiropractors are more than capable of relieving bone and joint pain in your shoulders, too. The shoulder area is comprised of joints, the spot where two bones meet, allowing the movement of your arm. Chiropractors understand bones and joints. They can relieve your shoulder pain with massage techniques and gentle adjustments, much like the pain relief they provide to your back.

By simply massaging and rotating your shoulder, your chiropractor will be able to determine if any of the joints are catching. If they are catching, they are probably out of alignment. Your chiropractor can adjust your shoulder and possibly provide you with relief. If your chiropractor determines that there may be an injury to your shoulder, he or she can refer you to a specialist for further investigation. If the shoulder pain does not stem from an injury, your chiropractor can help you come up with a treatment plan to relieve the pain. Read more