10 Tips for Men Staying Healthy Over 50 10 Tips for Men   Staying Healthy Over 50

You’re a strong man.  You’re over fifty, loving life, and wanting to keep it that way.  Make sure you are ready to face all the great days ahead by keeping fit with a few health tips.

1. Keep active – The best way to stay healthy at any age is to keep active.  Maintaining a moderate exercise regime will keep your body moving and help avoid weight related issues.

2. Watch what you eat – Eating right is another constant in the quest for good health.  Give your body the proper tools for a healthy, happy lifestyle.

3. Watch your weight – While you shouldn’t obsess about it, the number on the scale is important.  Make a habit of checking it at least once a week.  Let you doctor know if there are any extreme changes.

4. Watch your numbers – Especially now, it is important to watch out for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the like.  Know your numbers so you can know what to watch out for.

5. No smoking – If you enjoy lighting up every now and then, now is the time to kick the habit.  Smoking can lead to several different health issues, lung cancer included.

6. Limit your drinking – Your body doesn’t process alcohol as well as it once did.  Give it a break by limiting yourself to one (at most two) drinks a day.

7. Visit your physician – It is more important than ever that you get in for those yearly physicals.  Your doctor can only be as helpful as he is informed.

8. Preventative screening – Most health experts highly recommend screening tests.  They can let you and your doctor know about problems before they get out of hand.  Consult your physician to see what he recommends.

9. Think health, not sickness – Instead of running to the doctor when something is wrong, look to bring in things that will help you stay well. A regular adjustment from your chiropractor can help you feel better, and give you more stamina to stay with that exercise routine. A massage therapist can keep you feeling your best all week long.

10. Celebrate your successes – If you finally lose that extra 25 pounds, give up smoking for good, or get your cholesterol scores down to an acceptable level, celebrate your successes. Even something small and local, like a basketball game with your favorite team, can be a great reward, and give you the push to take it to the next level.


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