Easy Ways to Prevent and Reduce Your Back Pain Easy Ways to Prevent and Reduce Your Back Pain

Whether it is a minor twinge or a debilitating throb, back pain can be a serious impediment to daily activities.

Unfortunately, this type of irritation is a common occurrence for many people.  In fact, studies suggest that as you are reading this, 31 million Americans are suffering from back pain.  With such high numbers, it comes as no surprise that back pain complaints are the second most common cause for doctor visits.

With such an alarming number of individuals afflicted, it would be wise for each of us to practice a few simple tips to help prevent or reduce back pain.

Proper posture is very important to back health.  Slouching can cause undo stress to the muscles, ligaments, and bones in your support column.  Standing and sitting with proper posture will help maintain a strong, supportive, less painful back.

Proper attire also plays a role in preventing or reducing back pain. High heels may be fashionable, but they do nothing for your back.  Supportive shoes with a small heel allow for proper balance and positioning of your body (namely your spine).

Healthy weight and diet can drastically affect your back. A higher weight means greater strain for your back, invariably leading to discomfort or pain.  Attaining or maintaining a proper diet and body size will reduce back strain.

Inactivity can potentially cause back pain. Do ever get up from hours at the computer and have to work out the kink in your back?  Break up the periods of physical inactivity by stretching or walking to help your back (and your entire body) get back in the right position to support you as you work.

Adjust your workstation to accommodate your back needs. Do what you can to make sure your chair and computer positioning are supportive and ergonomically correct.

Consult a chiropractor for adjustments to avoid or address back pain.


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