The Dangers of BPA Keeping Your Kids Healthy The Dangers of BPA Keeping Your Kids Healthy

Bisphenol-A, also known as BPA, has been the subject of many discussions and scientific studies. BPA is a chemical used in the lining of cans and in the production of many types of plastics, including some baby bottles and sippy cups.

People that are exposed to BPA at an early age are statistically more susceptible to developing health problems, such as an increased risk of prostate and breast cancer. BPA has also been linked to birth defects, ADHD, obesity, and early puberty. It is important for parents to know the risks and take the necessary precautions to protect their children. Until the federal government steps in and incorporates stringent regulations on the use of chemicals, parents must educate and protect themselves and their kids.

Although other countries have taken the initiative and banned the use of BPA from being used in the production of baby bottles, the United States has yet to make that move. As a parent, there are still ways you can protect your baby from the harmful effects of BPA.

Pay attention to the labels. Since BPA made headlines, many bottle manufacturers have taken notice. Instead of waiting for federal regulations, some manufacturers removed BPA on their own. These manufacturers clearly label their products as being BPA-free. By paying attention to the labels, you can purchase bottles and other plastics that are free of BPA.

Get regular checkups. Having your baby examined by a physician and chiropractor on a regular basis is an essential part of parenting. Concentrate on wellness instead of sickness.

Use your voice. Contact your state and federal officials and voice your concerns. Sign petitions promoting the banning of BPA use in the United States. Use the power of your voice as a citizen to help the BPA-free movement.


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