Tips to Help You Make a Healthy Fashion Statement Tips to Help You Make a Healthy Fashion Statement

It has been said before that beauty is pain.  Unfortunately fashion and comfort, or even fashion and health don’t often go hand in hand.  Too often individuals must choose between fashion and comfort.  What they don’t realize, however, is that their choices also affect their overall health over time.

Is there a way to support your health and make a fashion statement all at the same time?  Here are a few tips to help you make health conscious fashion choices.

Those great stiletto heels may not be so great after all.  You already know that those amazing looking shoes leave your feet feeling less than wonderful.  Have you ever considered what they might be doing to the rest of your body?  When you stand barefoot or in flat shoes, your body is properly balanced with the muscles and joints working together in harmony.  When you elevate the heel, you throw this balance off.  Consider giving your body a break and cutting down on the stiletto use. Bring flats to wear throughout the day as you are running from place to place. Read more

Why Is Chiropractic Treatment Ongoing Why Is Chiropractic Treatment Ongoing?

Anytime you have had an ache in your back or your neck, you probably popped a couple of over-the-counter pills and went on your way. If the pills worked, great – if not, you learned how to deal with the gnawing pain.

When you have aches and pains that will not go away, it is probably time for a visit to your chiropractor. A chiropractor can help ease your pain in just a few treatments. What many people do not realize is that, in order for their pain to stay away for good, you need to have ongoing treatment. Read more

Chiropractic Advice during Your Pregnancy Chiropractic Advice during Your Pregnancy

Every pregnant woman knows the discomforts that come with carrying a new little life.  As that life grows, the pressure on your lower back can grow as well, leading to back discomfort or pain.  Chiropractic doctors have a few words of advice to help women in this special time of life.

1. Exercise – While almost every doctor tells you to exercise during pregnancy, a chiropractic doctor will point out the spinal benefits of consistent activity.  Regular, moderate exercise will help you avoid putting on too much weight and overly stressing out your back.  Exercise can also help your muscles (especially your back muscles) maintain tone and strength.  A strong back is less likely to be a painful back. Read more

Springtime Gardening Better With Chiropractic Care Springtime Gardening Better With Chiropractic Care

Spring is here! Now is the time for everyone to prepare their gardens. From flowers to food, gardens bring much joy to millions of people. The only downside to gardening is the trauma it can inflict on your body, particularly, your back.

Working in the garden consists of tilling, hoeing, pulling weeds, harvesting fruits and veggies, and other back-breaking work. For many, an hour or two in the garden leads to severe back pain. Chiropractic care can help ease the pain and let you enjoy your garden to its fullest. Read more

How to Talk With Your Child About Steroid Use How to Talk With Your Child About Steroid Use

Parents are constantly reminded about the importance of talking with their children about drug use, alcohol, and unprotected intercourse.  But in the midst of all these uncomfortable conversations, one important topic is often forgotten: steroid use.  Many parents don’t realize the pressure kids may feel to use steroids (or at least try them) for a physical advantage.  Unmonitored steroid use can cause serious and potentially permanent changes in an individual’s body.  So, how do you start that conversation, warning your kids about yet another dangerous element of the growing up world?

1. Get educated – Find out what steroids really do.  Take some time to research the affects and side affects.  Be sure to also study up on the long term negative results caused by unmonitored steroid use.  Knowledge is power and you want to equip both yourself and your child as much as possible. Read more