Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Arthritis Can Chiropractic Treatment Help Arthritis?

“My mother has been living with arthritis for years. She’s seen doctor after doctor, and tried many different types of pain medication. Nothing helps, and her joint pain continues to come back stronger than ever. Can chiropractic treatment help, even if she’s been dealing with arthritis for years?”

Millions of people suffer from arthritis. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two most common types of arthritis, both of which distress the joints.  Arthritis causes great pain for the afflicted individual, and while there are many over-the-counter medications and even prescription medications to help alleviate the pain, there is no known cure for arthritis. The most a doctor can do is try to help people manage the symptoms and the pain.

For this reason, chiropractic treatment is becoming a popular way to alleviate the pain involved with arthritis. Chiropractic care involves a natural approach to pain relief and many people appreciate this natural way of battling arthritis. Instead of putting various chemicals into their bodies in hopes of pain relief, people have found chiropractic treatment a safe and natural alternative. Read more

A Chiropractic Approach to Solving Ear Infections A Chiropractic Approach to Solving Ear Infections

Fifty percent of children will suffer from a middle ear infection before their first birthday.  Sixty-six percent will have at least one middle ear infection by the time they are three.  For many of these children, this ear infection is the beginning of a painful and repetitive cycle with potential long term hearing effects.

For the occasional ear infection, many doctors will prescribe an antibiotic.  Unfortunately, this treatment is only effective if the cause of the infection is bacterial rather than viral.  Children who suffer from chronic ear infections may face even more invasive treatments involving surgery and general anesthesia. Read more

What Is A Herniated Disc What Is A Herniated Disc?

It can be a real pain in the neck to have a pain in your back. Millions of people suffer from some sort of back pain at some point in their life. Some of the pains are minor and can be relieved with rest and anti-inflammatory medications. Others are more severe and recurring, causing you to constantly live in pain.

While some types of back pains are easy to diagnose, it can be more difficult for doctors to diagnose a herniated disc. It can be helpful for you to understand what a herniated disc is and what symptoms to look for. With this knowledge, you can better explain your pains to your doctor and possibly speed up a diagnosis.

When talking with different members of the health industry, you may actually hear a variety of terms. “Herniated disc”, “pinched nerve” and “bulging disc” are all commonplace in conversation, yet may mean different things to different people. “Ruptured disk”, “slipped disc”, and “collapsed disc” only add to the confusion. Read more