Exercises That Can Help Your Back Pain Exercises That Can Help Your Back Pain

When you suffer from back pain, you want relief as quickly as possible. While your physician may prescribe painkillers or advise you to take an over-the-counter medication, medicine may not always do the trick, nor may it be the best thing for you. Sometimes, you need to try other things to get relief from your back pain. Exercise is one of the most natural ways you can help ease your back pain. Through a series of stretching and other mild exercises, you can increase your flexibility and relieve your back pain.

Passive Stretches – these stretching exercises help keep your joints moving. Hold each stretch for about 20 seconds.

Back Stretch – Lie on the floor on your stomach. Using your arms, push the upper part of your body up, making a gentle curve of your back. Relax your stretch and repeat. Read more

Is Chiropractic Care Covered By Insurance Is Chiropractic Care Covered By Insurance?

When you suffer from pain, whether it is in your back, neck, joints or other parts of your body, one of the places you may not consider for treatment is the chiropractor. Chiropractors help alleviate pain by making simple adjustments to the bones in your body. They also use heat and cold therapy, as well as deep tissue massage, to provide pain relief. If you are considering seeking treatment from a chiropractor, the only thing stopping you may be the cost. Many people wonder if chiropractic care is covered by insurance.

While some chiropractic care offices may indeed accept certain types of insurance, there are many ways to pay for treatment. Chiropractors deal with this question all the time, and most are willing to talk to you about the many options available to you.

Start with a FSA, or flexible savings account. Many insurance programs today offer you the option of having a low cost insurance option, combined with a flexible savings account that you fund and use at your discretion. Once you have money in your account, you simply write checks to pay for medical expenses you deem necessary. If you talk with your chiropractor about a year long plan, you’ll quickly learn how much you’ll need over the coming year, and how much to budget into your account. Read more