Fashion Advice From Your Chiropractor1 1024x678 Fashion Advice From Your Chiropractor

When you shop for the latest fashions, its easy to get caught up in the latest colors and styles. The latest jeans can be the start to a great outfit, just like those strappy sandles can finish the look.

The fashion industry is a smorgasbord of different shoes, pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, and accessories. If you are dressing merely for aesthetic appeal, you will never be without ample choices. However, the next time you head to the malls, go with a different thought in mind. Not only do your choices make a fashion statement, they can affect your health as well.

Choose your fashions wisely to avoid having aches and pains that require a chiropractic visit down the road. Here’s why. Read more

Are You Sleeping On The Right Pillow and Mattress Are You Sleeping On The Right Pillow and Mattress?

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your overall health and well-being. Without proper rest, you run the risk of waking up sore, tired, cranky, and just feeling “blah”.

The mattress and pillow that you choose for sleeping is crucial to getting the rest your body needs. If you find yourself tossing and turning through the night and waking up stiff, sore and generally unrested, chances are that you need a different pillow or mattress – or both. The following tips can help you ensure that you are sleeping on the right pillow and mattress.

  • Your mattress needs to be supportive of your entire body. One way to check the supportiveness of your bed is to look for gaps. When you lay down, if there are gaps between your body and the mattress, you need better support. Lack of support can lead to back pain. Read more

Chiropractic Resolutions For A Healthy New Year Chiropractic Resolutions For A Healthy New Year

Tis the season for overindulging. As you move from party to party, chances are you’re having a few too many cookies and extras along the way. Maybe those jeans are now hard to button. And maybe your back hurts as you get out of bed in the morning.

So invariably you make your New Years resolutions list to include things like “diet” and “get healthy”.

With just a few simple and practical lifestyle changes, you can be on your way to not only a healthy New Year, but a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. It doesn’t take a lot of work. Instead it takes thought and commitment.

Limit caffeinated drinks. If you are a regular at the local coffee house, change your routine. Caffeinated drinks also cause dehydration. Instead, focus on increasing your intake of water, decaffeinated teas and other natural beverages during the day. Read more

Better Health Means Eating Right Better Health Means Eating Right

“You are what you eat.”

You’ve probably heard that saying many times over the years. And while it may make sense as you read it, it probably doesn’t stick with you when it comes time to choosing something for dinner, or making selections at the grocery store.

When you head to the store, its hard to know where to begin. You might do what a lot of people do, and look at the nutrition facts listed on almost every food in the store. Nutrition facts are based off of a 2000 calorie diet, a standard used for energy requirements for the average person. So one of the easiest ways of looking for quality foods is to count calories. Yet with this type of eating, you’ll more than likely have a diet of empty calories, meaning you’ll still lack nourishment in the foods you need the most.

To properly read food labels:

Start with the serving size. If the serving size is extremely small, the manufacturer is simply trying to keep calories, total fats and proteins at a reasonable level. In order to accomplish this, they have to reduce the portion size to something unreasonable that the majority of people will never abide by. Read more