20 Things You May Be Doing That Affects Your Upper Cervical Alignment 20 Things You May Be Doing That Affects Your Upper Cervical Alignment

In a perfect world, we would all live healthy lives. Unfortunately, from the time we are born, the elements around us begin taking their toll. And whether its little things like tripping on the sidewalk as we’re walking out to the car, or major things like a severe car accident, all of it impacts our health.

Every day our bodies experience a certain amount of stress. Stress can make the muscles and ligaments in your neck tighten up and lock down, placing even more stress upon the spinal column. And when you’re out of adjustment, everything in your body has to work a bit harder to overcompensate for the problem areas.

While there are many things that can leave your upper cervical out of adjustment, here is a list of the top items you may be doing every day.

1. Sleep on your stomach.

2. Sleep on your side without the proper pillow for support.

3. Falling asleep on the couch or chair.

4. Reading in bed with your head tilted to look down at the book.

5. Stretching your head by rolling it in big circles, side to side.

6. Staring at a computer screen hours each day.

7. Gripping a phone between your ear and your shoulder.

8. Having a small child climb and wiggle in your arms.

9. Flipping your hair to keep it out of your eyes.

10. A car accident of 5 miles per hour or greater.

11. Playing volleyball, soccer, basketball or any other type of recreational sport with your friends.

12. Lifting weights the wrong way.

13. Doing a yoga pose incorrectly.

14. Falling off your bike.

15. Mountain biking.

16. Skiing.

17. Popping your own neck for adjustment.

18. Having someone else pop your neck for adjustment.

19. Using your smart phone for texting all day long.

20. Doing one activity for long periods of time.

Do any of these sound familiar?

The easiest way to stay healthy and avoid the stress down the road is to be proactive and start upper cervical adjustments today. Are you ready for your adjustment?


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