Tips For Decreasing Lower Back Pain Tips For Decreasing Lower Back Pain

Back pain in any shape or form is uncomfortable. From the smallest, nagging twinge to the largest, sharp pain, suffering from back pain can definitely put a damper on your spirits. Lower back pain is a common problem among society. It can evolve for a number of reasons and it can be difficult to diminish. The following tips will help you decrease your lower back pain and live a more comfortable life.

Heat and ice – one of the first remedies for lower back pain is the alternating heat/ice approach. Applying ice packs to the affected area will help reduce inflammation and soothe the pain. Alternate with heat packs to keep the blood circulating in the area and to reduce pain. If heat packs are not available, a hot bath or steamy shower can have the same results.

Endorphins – endorphins are your body’s natural pain relievers. If you suffer from lower back pain, you can release these natural painkillers through mild exercise. Even a short walk can release these precious endorphins and provide you with relief. If exercise isn’t working, consider acupuncture, meditation and massage to get the endorphins flowing. Also work with your chiropractor for adjustments and getting your system back into shape.

Sleep – sleep is a restorative function of your body. When you do not get enough sleep, your back pain will only get worse. To combat the back pain (and other body pains), focus on getting enough restorative sleep. Massages can help you sleep better. If you find that natural remedies are not working for your sleep issues, speak with your doctor about other options.

Hamstring stretches – stretching your hamstrings at least twice a day can help minimize lower back pain. When your hamstrings are too tight, they place stress and pressure on your lower back. A few, simple stretches a couple of times a day can relieve your lower back pain.

Abs exercises – your abs help support your back. When you neglect your abs, you are more likely to suffer from lower back pain. Make sure you exercise your abs every day – there is a wide variety of abs exercises available for all comfort levels.


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