Why Chiropractic is the Future of Health Why Chiropractic is the Future of Health

In general, the world depends on scientific medicine to make them “well”. Any health problems are quickly brought to a Western medicine doctor that either prescribes medication or suggests a particular procedure for healing. The focus is not about staying well, but on making ill people better.

Yet is western medicine the best choice? Its something people are beginning to question more and more.

Western medicine does not always work on illnesses, aches, pains and other complaints. It also does not promote preventative care by keeping the body healthy.

A majority of people only see the doctor when something is wrong, not when things are right and they want to keep them right. But with chiropractic care, that’s beginning to change. Chiropractic care has a different line of thinking. It can heal those that are not well, but it also focuses on those that are well and maintaining that wellness long-term. Read more


Talking to Teens about Steroid Use Talking to Teens about Steroid Use

Have a teenager at home? Then you know the “yes mom” and the “I don’t know” phrases very well.

Yet as much as we feel they aren’t listening to us, they really are. So its important to keep talking about the things that can hurt them the most.

One of the hottest topics that parents of high school athletes have to talk to their children about is anabolic steroid use. Many high school students are either unaware of the negative side effects of steroid use or oblivious to them. With a little more than 5 percent of high school athletes admitting to trying steroids, either injected or oral, at least once, there is significant reason to talk to your children as early as possible.

Here are a few ways to approach it.

They are unfair – Your child competes in high school sports because he or she is good at a specific sport. Explain to your child that taking steroids to enhance their performance is unfair and not real competition. Read more

Tips To Help You Stay Asleep All Night Long Tips To Help You Stay Asleep All Night Long

Want to know one of the best ways to stay healthy? Sleep.

When you go to bed, you expect a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes it seems as if all you do is toss and turn. You fall asleep for an hour or two, only to wake up. By the time morning comes, you are still mentally and physically exhausted.

You need a full night’s sleep to rest and refresh your body and your mind – without it, you will not function at 100 percent. The following tips will help you stay asleep all night long, so you can wake up refreshed, rested and ready for the day.

No hot baths – while you might think that a hot bath will relax you, making it easier to fall asleep, the truth is that your body temperature lowers in order to fall asleep. So, a hot bath will only make it take longer for your temperature to adjust. If you must have a bath before bed, try a quick, cool shower. Read more

How To Find The Best Neighborhood Chiropractor How To Find The Best Neighborhood Chiropractor

Chiropractic treatment is a great way to manage your chronic pain. Neck pain, back pain, and all other types of body pains can often be relieved by seeking chiropractic adjustments.

When other methods of pain relief fail or if you just want a natural alternative, chiropractic treatment is the ideal option.

Yet deciding you need chiropractic care and finding the right chiropractor are two different matters. It can be confusing trying to choose the best chiropractor for you in your part of town. You want one that is reputable, but you also want one that you can afford. The following tips will help you find the best neighborhood chiropractor to help manage your pain.

  • Ask friends and family for their recommendations – but only as a starting point. Just because one person has a good experience with a chiropractor does not mean you will. Use recommendations to narrow down your list of options. Read more