Is a Hard or Soft Mattress Better for your Body Is a Hard or Soft Mattress Better for your Body?

The age-old debate about whether a hard or soft mattress is better for your body is ongoing. There is no right or wrong answer; it is generally up to your personal preference and how you feel the most comfortable.

If you do suffer from neck or back issues, some experts recommend a soft mattress, although both the soft and hard versions have their advantages and disadvantages.

Hard Mattress

In general, a hard mattress supports the body the best. The firmness of the mattress gives your spine the support it needs to keep it in a neutral position, rather than one that is misaligned. A misaligned spine can cause you to suffer from various health issues including headaches, respiratory issues and increased levels of stress. The hard mattress allows the arteries and veins inside your body to relax, encouraging proper blood flow throughout your body as you sleep. Read more

Chiropractic Treatment for Coccyx Pain Chiropractic Treatment for Coccyx Pain

When there is an injury to your tailbone, otherwise known as coccyx, it can be very painful. Your tailbone is located at the end of your pelvis and can be injured from a variety of circumstances. It is often difficult for a chiropractor to determine the exact reason for injury, but a proper examination will determine the extent of your injury and the proper treatment method. If you have recently fallen or given birth, these are important facts to give to your chiropractor so he can determine just how the injury occurred and how he can help.


Sometimes the pain that you feel in your tailbone is referred from other areas of your body, including the lower back or pelvis. Because of this, the best way to diagnose properly is to take x-rays. Your chiropractor will likely take a variety of x-rays of you sitting, as well as those of you standing. This will help him determine if your coccyx is flexing more than it should when you sit down. This could be the result of a sprain in your tailbone that you re-sprain every time you sit down. In severe cases, the chiropractor might send you for an MRI to get an even better look at your tailbone or he might perform a physical evaluation where he tries to mimic why the pain occurs. Read more

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome Frozen Shoulder SyndromeFrozen shoulder syndrome is a term that many people use incorrectly when there is an injury to the shoulder. There is more to frozen shoulder syndrome than just a mere injury.

Whenever there is restricted movement or pain in your shoulder, it needs to be evaluated by a medical professional to determine the exact extent of injury and correct treatment.

How do you Know Its Frozen Shoulder?

When you experience the inability to use your shoulder at the joint or ball and socket in the shoulder, it could be due to frozen shoulder syndrome. The exact reason that it occurs is due to inflammation in the cartilage that surrounds the ball and socket, which restricts the movement of the shoulder.

The Stages

There are three stages that most people experience with this syndrome – the freezing, frozen and thawing stage.

Freezing Stage – When the pain begins to set in, this is the freezing stage. It typically follows a traumatic event, such as a spontaneous injury, heart attack or even prolonged immobilization of the arm. This stage is typically painful, but there is not 100% restriction of the use of the shoulder. It can still be moved, it will just be painful. Read more

Bicycles and Chiropractic Care How you Can be a Better Rider Bicycles and Chiropractic Care: How you Can be a Better Rider

Think bicycles and chiropractic care aren’t made for each other? Think agaain.

Here in Colorado, its hard to go anywhere without seeing someone riding a bicycle. And  while a lot of people use it simply as recreation and transportation, just as many take cycling to a whole other level. Ride the Rockies isn’t just a local event; its known around the world.

Riding a bicycle is very good exercise when it is done appropriately. But if you do not have the proper bike fit, posture and equipment, you could experience problems while riding. If you work closely with your chiropractor, you can ensure that you are properly riding your bike for the safety of your body.

Proper Bike Fit

If you experience lower back pain or neck pain after riding your bike for long periods of time, chances are that your bike is not adjusted correctly. Talk with your chiropractor and head in to your local bike shop for a professional fit. A few of the areas that will be focused on include the location of the seat and the handlebars. Explain to your chiropractor exactly where you feel the pain so that he/she can help you make changes to your riding patterns to help alleviate your pain without introducing new pain. Read more