Chiropractic Care and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Chiropractic Care and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, is one of the most common lung diseases and affects almost 200 million people around the world. This illness, which is mostly caused by smoking or exposure to harmful chemicals, mimics the symptoms of chronic bronchitis and Emphysema, giving sufferers the worst of both worlds.

Where to Turn for Help

Once diagnosis has occurred, its important to seek help in a variety of ways. The obvious answer to this question would be to continue seeking help from your regular doctor, and possibly a pulmonologist. It may also be time to seek alternative care from your chiropractor. While a chiropractor cannot heal the illness, he can alleviate the symptoms, making the patient feel better.

A Helpful Adjustment

The general alignments that chiropractors typically perform help to open up the airways and improve the way the diaphragm functions. This immediate change helps increase pulmonary mobility and forces easier breathing. Studies have shown that minor adjustments can make major changes in the status of a person’s upper respiratory system. Read more

Laptop Tips For Back And Neck Health Laptop Tips For Back And Neck Health

Our society has definitely become electronically based.  We walk around ever connected to the world with a cell phone in our pocket and a computer over our shoulder.  Our coffee shops and fast food restaurants now offer Wi-Fi as a reason to linger, and the personal computer is no longer a dream.

You can often tell you’ve had a long day’s work at your laptop when you stand up and your back aches, your eyes are tired, and your neck has several new cricks.  While technology is here to stay, the pain doesn’t need to be.  Here are a few ways you can make your laptop workspace more user friendly.

Use a large screen – The smaller the screen, the more we have to lean in and squint to see the images and text on it.  A larger screen can help protect your back and eyes by providing an easier target to view.  If you already have a computer with a small screen, consider increasing the font or zoom to reduce hunching or squinting to use the laptop.

Watch your posture – Because of the proximity of the screen and keyboard; the screen tends to be too low, or the keyboard tends to be too high.  Please don’t compensate for this by sacrificing your posture.  Experiment to find a height that serves both your hands’ needs and your neck’s needs. Read more

Natural Pain Relievers That Will Help You Avoid Medicine Natural Pain Relievers That Will Help You Avoid Medicine

Are you living with chronic pain? Are you taking more painkillers than you would like to?

Looking for a way to relieve the pain on your own?

There are natural pain killer solutions. And while some may work better for you than others, use this list to help you discover a more natural way of living without the side effects of medication.


Endorphins are the natural painkillers built into the human body. They are designed to protect you from the smallest of pains to the most intense. Yet there are ways to increase the amount of endorphins in your body. Ever experienced the “high” you get with a great workout? Any activity that gets your blood pumping for a substantial period will release endorphins into your system – and overall improve how you feel throughout the day. Read more

Easy Ways To Lighten Your Childs Backpack 248x300 Easy Ways To Lighten Your Child’s BackpackYou remember those great days of trudging home, stooped over double, wishing your backpack wasn’t so heavy.  Now as you wave your little ones good bye and send them to school, you notice that they are suffering the same fate you once did.  So, how can you keep this cycle from repeating itself?  How can you protect your child from the painful weight of an overloaded backpack?

Start with a lighter backpack – As you are shopping for the backpack itself, be conscious of the weight of the bag.  This is the weight your child will be adding too.  Do what you can to start with the lightest bag possible.

Consider a roller bag – It is becoming more and more acceptable for kids to bring a roller backpack to school.  Talk to your child and see if this method is the best for both of you.

Provide a duplicate for textbooks – The greatest weight in a child’s backpack is typically the textbooks brought home for homework.  You can alleviate much of this weight by buying copies of your child’s books to keep at home.  Many of these textbooks are available at a discounted rate for tablets and other electronic devices. Read more

Chiropractic Tips For A Healthy New Year Chiropractic Tips For A Healthy New Year

Happy Healthy New Year!

Is one of your resolutions this year to improve your health and your overall quality of life? That tops many peoples lists every year … yet its also one of the first broken. When someone brings in those leftover treats to the office, you tell yourself “only one”. Or you skip the gym because you left the office late. The excuses go on and on. Yet overall its your health, your longevity, that will pay.

Our health centers around three areas: chemical, emotional and structural.

Chemical is comprised of the way our body works. Our bodies rely on good nutrition, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to help us move every day. The consumption of sugars, excess salt, fats, carbohydrates and alcohol are all culprits of chemical stress. We begin to feel tired, sluggish, and not up to our peak performance. So we diet, which can also add problems if we skip eating the right foods. Bringing your body back to health means eating right, getting the right nutrition your body needs, and keeping it chemically balanced throughout the year. Read more