Natural Pain Relievers That Will Help You Avoid Medicine Natural Pain Relievers That Will Help You Avoid Medicine

Are you living with chronic pain? Are you taking more painkillers than you would like to?

Looking for a way to relieve the pain on your own?

There are natural pain killer solutions. And while some may work better for you than others, use this list to help you discover a more natural way of living without the side effects of medication.


Endorphins are the natural painkillers built into the human body. They are designed to protect you from the smallest of pains to the most intense. Yet there are ways to increase the amount of endorphins in your body. Ever experienced the “high” you get with a great workout? Any activity that gets your blood pumping for a substantial period will release endorphins into your system – and overall improve how you feel throughout the day.

Talk about your pain

When looking for a solution to your chronic pain, consider joining a group of individuals living through similar circumstances. While it may be possible to find a local group in your community, also do a quick search online. There are many forums set up through all kinds of groups and foundations to help you deal with your circumstances. Don’t find groups that like to dwell on their sorrows; instead look for active groups that regularly talk about their successes. This will help motivate you into success as well.


Heat works in two ways: it increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, and it suppresses the pain signals forwarded to your brain. You can use heat in a variety of ways. Try a hot water bottle or an electric heating pad when stationary on the couch or in bed. Or try a heating wrap during the day that can be worn and remain on you while active.


Ice and cold packs work to reduce the inflammation associated with chronic pain. When applied, it cools down the inflamed area and reduces the soreness in the tissues surrounding the area. It also acts as a local anesthetic, slowing the nerve impulses from making connection with your sensory triggers.


Stretching the muscles and ligaments throughout your body can benefit everyone, especially those with chronic pain. Your body is designed to move, and not moving it can actually make your situation worse. Talk with your chiropractor about basic stretching moves. And when you’re ready, move to Tai Chi or Yoga. Both will help you discover a new you … with less pain.


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