How Your Chiropractor Can Help You Through Your Pregnancy How Your Chiropractor Can Help You Through Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a roller coaster of emotions, experiences, and changes.  Your hormones are constantly in flux, your body is working harder than ever before, and your shape is changing almost before your eyes.  With all this going on, is it any wonder that pregnancy can be a bit stressful at times.

Well ladies, help is on the way.  Did you know that your local chiropractor could help make your pregnancy and delivery easier?  Studies have shown that chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy has provided a number of significant results.

Spinal alignment:  Especially during the second and third trimesters, a growing baby can be a growing concern for proper back alignment and back pain.  Regular chiropractic alignment can help your body maintain a better posture and help alleviate much of the back pain associated with pregnancy.

Reduced pregnancy symptoms:  Your nervous system is the communication center of your body.  When your spinal column is out of alignment, your nervous system will not be able to function as efficiently.  Pregnant women may find that chiropractic work helps to ease symptoms such as morning sickness, achiness, and joint pain.

Baby presentation:  If you have already gone through pregnancy and delivery before, you realize one of the key issues during the third trimester is the presentation of the baby.  If the baby doesn’t turn, the mother could be looking at a breech delivery.  Chiropractic work can help baby’s turn by providing the greatest amount of room possible for baby to turn and present properly for delivery.

Improved labor and delivery: Every woman dreams of having an easy delivery.  Chiropractic care can give the mother-to-be some key tools for the best labor and delivery possible.  A properly aligned spine will allow a better foundation for the body as it attempts to deliver a baby.  Better spinal and pelvic alignment can potentially lead to a shorter and easier delivery for mother and baby.


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