Natural Ways To Avoid The Flu Natural Ways To Avoid The Flu

Its hard to avoid the “flu talk”. Its everywhere. Whether you head into your local grocery store or visit your regular doctor, they all tout a flu shot as the best way to stay healthy during the cold winter months.

But is it really the best thing to do?

Maybe its time to consider these natural ways to boost your immune system – and improve your chances of getting colds and flu – instead.

Hand Washing

One of the most effective and easiest ways to avoid getting sick is simply by washing your hands on a regular basis. Studies have shown that up to 80 percent of infections are passed through the coughing, sneezing, touching process. Wash your hands before you eat, drink or touch your face. And thoroughly disinfect things like your bathroom, phone, desk and door handles on a regular basis.


The more we allow our bodies to become run down, the more they become at risk of infection. Natural immunities remain strong when we give our bodies what they need. And a great night sleep is the first step towards remaining healthy. Turn off the TV, put aside those extra activities, and concentrate on getting your daily dosage of sleep. Your body will thank you.


In these cold weather months, its hard to get outside and enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. When its dark before you get home from work, who wants to head out for an evening walk? Yet exercise is just as important now. Take a class at your local gym. Or head out for a walk instead of lunch at your desk. It doesn’t have to be a strong, solid workout every day. Just physical movement will help you maintain a healthy body.


A positive outlook on life can add natural immunities into your system. Find something to laugh about – a great movie or a night at the comedy club. A person with a positive attitude and a smile as they move through their days will ultimately stay healthier than the rest.


Think you only need water when you’re outside and active in the summer? Think again. Indoor winter air is very dry and ends up affecting our bodies in many ways. Without sufficient moisture, our immune cells can’t work optimally.


Eating right and getting the proper nutrients gives your body the necessary ingredients to fight off germs and bacteria. That means avoiding heavy doses of sugary and fatty foods, and focusing in on vegetables, fruits and lean proteins. One of the nutrients that gets a lot of exposure this time of year is zinc, and with good reason. Zinc has been proved to interfere with viruses accessing our cells. Which means foods high in zinc should also be added to your diet – foods like oysters, wheat germ, roasted pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate.


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