Benefits of Chiropractic for Senior Citizens Benefits of Chiropractic for Senior Citizens

This week we’re helping celebrate Senior Citizens Day by offering you some tips on why chiropractic is equally beneficial for the maturing adult as it is for children, teens and younger adults.

As a body ages, dramatic changes occur in the spine. If you have a parent or grandparent that you watch stoop over from old age and osteoporosis, you’ve seen what old age can do. As we age, the spine – spinal discs, joints, ligaments, muscles and other tissues – become weaker, less hydrated, more fibrotic, and less able to withstand the normal stresses that come with our daily lives. As a result, degeneration becomes more prominent, pain sets in, injury becomes easier than ever, and the actual time it takes to heal increases tenfold.

If you do nothing for your spinal health and wellness, the deterioration will continue. But by taking steps to stop and correct your spinal health as early as possible, you can and will start to see changes in the way your body moves and reacts. Read more

ADHD and Ritalin – Is Chiropractic a Better Solution 199x300 Can Chiropractic Help Kids With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD, is becoming the common diagnosis for children.

This particular disorder, which exhibits signs of hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, difficulty learning, and other similar symptoms, is normally treated with prescription medications. Over the years, doctors have prescribed numerous kinds of medications to help combat ADHD and allow a child to live a normal, less intense life.

However, parents are becoming more and more leery of loading their children up with prescription medications. There are various side effects to worry about – it can be like trading one bad thing for another. This desire for a more natural treatment for ADHD has led many parents to their chiropractors.

Chiropractic treatment has been shown to help relieve the symptoms of ADHD when used in conjunction with other forms of non-invasive therapy. The reasoning behind the success of chiropractic treatments for ADHD is simple – when the body is out of balance, brain activity can also be imbalanced.

This leads one area of the brain to develop more quickly than the rest of the brain.

Chiropractic treatments can help get the body and spine back in alignment and back in balance. The result – balanced brain activity that can help reduce the symptoms of ADHD and allow a child to lead a more normal life.

Of course, chiropractic treatment alone will not solve all ADHD issues. However, when used under the guidance of your physician and in conjunction with other forms of natural therapy that focus on the individual – rather than the one size fits all approach of prescription medications – the results are proving to be favorable.

If you are a parent that is searching for a natural, non-invasive form of ADHD treatment, consider talking to your chiropractor about options. He will assist you in developing the ideal treatment plan for your child.

It is that time again – the start of a new school year. As schools across the Denver Metro area start the new year, it is time for parents to make sure their children are ready. stay healthy with back to school tips 300x205 Stay Healthy With Back To School TipsThis includes much more than just buying the necessary supplies and stocking their wardrobes. It is important to make sure your child is healthy before school starts – and make sure he stays that way all year round.

Here are some back to school tips for staying healthy.

  • Pay a visit to the chiropractor on a regular basis. With more and more kids spending too many hours in front of the TV, it is no surprise that good posture is often forgotten. It does not take long for poor posture to have a lasting effect on a child’s spine. A few adjustments from the chiropractor will ensure that the spine is properly aligned and relieve any discomfort your child may be feeling. Routine adjustments over the school year will keep any future pain at bay.
  • Pay attention to your child’s backpack. While a backpack is a useful tool for carrying books and other items to school, it is easy to overload your child’s back. A growing child should only carry about 10-15 percent of her total body weight in her backpack. Any heavier will cause her to compensate for the extra weight by arching her back or otherwise put strain on her back and joints. Make sure her backpack is always at an appropriate weight.
  • Take care when it comes to sports. We’re putting our kids in sporting events younger and younger these days. In order to prevent sports injuries, make sure you and the coach follow basic rules. Stretching and warming up should always be mandatory before every practice and game; don’t show up late assuming your child can get right into the important part of the practice. Also make sure he eats right, gets plenty of sleep, and plays at his own ability. Talk directly with your chiropractor about other tips to help keep him healthy throughout the season.
  • Evaluate her study skills. Kids slump over desks all day long. And when they get home, they continue to slouch over their desks or lie on their beds as they work hour after hour on homework. Just like adults set up ergonomically correct work stations to stay healthy throughout the work day, spend a little time educating your child on the importance of sitting correctly no matter what type of work you are working on.
  • Strengthen your child’s immune system. When your child goes to school, they are often exposed to germs and viruses from other children. To help keep illnesses away, help boost your child’s immune system with vitamin supplements. Feed your child a healthy diet and avoid processed foods as much as possible. Encourage your child to drink plenty of fresh water every day, and she will enjoy a healthy, happy school life.

Soccer. Lacrosse. Football. With unlimited choices in team sports for kids these days, its no wonder kids are making the team at early ages and becoming better all the time.

fall sports and kids staying fit and healthy Fall Sports and Kids: Staying Fit and HealthyIts also easy to see why there are more sports injuries in kids than ever before.

Although being a part of the soccer or football team is an important part of being a kid, so to is staying healthy and fit throughout the process. In many cases parents and kids are overlooking the importance of body conditioning – that means exercise and good nutrition, as well as proper maintenance for staying healthy on and off the field.

As a child moves from school age to tween and teenage years, their bodies go through tremendous change and growth. Add in strenuous activity from today’s most competitive sports – especially played at the competitive levels – and the chance for injuries skyrockets.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Young athletes think they are invincible. You as a parent needs to sit down and make sure they understand they only get one chance at a healthy body. Proper care means all around good maintenance. And the quicker they learn that, the healthier they will be all through their lives.

Encourage your child to:

Read more

Pregnancy. Childbirth. Infancy.

how chiropractic helps infants How Chiropractic Helps InfantsIf you’ve been through these three stages, you know what an exciting time it is.

You also know how traumatic the experience can be.

During pregnancy, your body changes daily. Things move. You carry more weight. You move differently. You sleep and sit differently. All of it can take its toll on your body.

As your body changes with your growing baby, it is not uncommon to have more aches and pains, especially back pain. As you get farther and farther along, the tiny load you are carrying becomes larger, making it harder for you to get around in a comfortable manner.

Then comes childbirth. Again, the stress on your body is like nothing you’ve experienced before. And not only does childbirth impact your health, it also takes its toll on your baby’s.

Chiropractic treatments from beginning to end can help relieve some of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Once you have the baby, ongoing treatments can help you return to your pre-pregnancy body that much quicker. Chiropractic isn’t about solving a problem immediately. Instead, its about making sure your body will always be in perfect alignment – and that means fewer aches and pains, and being healthy overall.

Keep in mind that while chiropractic is the perfect choice for you, its also the perfect choice for your baby. That’s right, infants can benefit from safe and effective chiropractic treatment just as much as you can.

Picture it – your little one is all twisted up inside of your womb for many months. It only makes sense that when he makes his entrance into the world, he may need a few adjustments to get his body back in perfect alignment. Chiropractic treatment in infants has been shown to reduce colic, ear infections and overall irritability.

As your baby grows, you can still opt for treatments once a month or once every few months just to keep everything in his body and spine aligned. After all, he will be growing and exploring, walking, and crawling – his body is likely to need some adjustments here and there.

With chiropractic care, you and your baby can both be in tip-top shape. Your baby will sleep more comfortably, feel better and be that much healthier – all thanks to the helpful relief offered by chiropractic treatment. For more information about treatments for your little one, contact us today and discuss a treatment plan for your baby. You just may be able to get a restful night’s sleep after your little one has been through a chiropractic treatment.