If you suffer from an aching back or strained neck, there could be an unexpected source for your pain. Believe it or not, your purse or handbag could be the culprit!

the source of your neck or back pain could be your purse 200x300 The Source of Your Neck or Back Pain Could Be Your PurseIt’s true. According to health experts, your purse or handbag could be the reason for back, neck, and shoulder pain when it is worn incorrectly and too heavy. Sure, you could blame your posture or your chair, but your bag is most likely what is causing you physical distress.

In today’s fashion world, big purses are in. They come in every style, color and fabric imaginable, and its easy to want one to complement every outfit you own. But once you own a big purse, its easy to find things to put in it. You have the space, why not fill it up, right?

The weight against your muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments can cause headaches, pain, and other body aches as well as osteoarthritis. If you carry a heavy bag incorrectly daily for a long time, you could even cause nerve trauma and require medical attention

Here are some tips to choosing the right bag and wearing it ergonomically so that you can still remain stylish without the pain!

Choose a bag with wide straps. They reduce stress by distributing the weight more evenly over the shoulder.

Lighten the load. Many women carry more than they need in their purses and handbags. Your bag should weigh no more than two to three pounds, so clean out your purse and only leave the essentials.

Consider a backpack. They reduce shoulder pain if they aren’t packed heavily. Backpacks can be stylish while providing you more room and compartments.

Across your body is best. Keeping your purse or bag near your body is the key to wearing it the right way. Usually, hobo bags and messenger bags are great for wearing across the body, keeping the bulky part close. Make sure the strap is not too long!

Switch it up. To prevent overworked muscles, switch sides every few minutes instead of carrying your purse on the same side constantly.

By changing the heavy bag you carry daily and/or lightening your load, you can prevent physical pain and injuries now and years down the road!


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