When you experience neck pain that just does not want to go away, you probably do one thing: make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. You are in pain, and you want relief.

You make your appointment, get a prescription for pain medication, and find relief – but the relief only lasts as long as the pain medication.

why the cure to neck pain isnt a quick fix Why The Cure To Neck Pain Isn’t A Quick FixSo, you return to the doctor, have a few tests run, and possibly consider having surgery. You want a quick fix for your neck pain. You do not want to live with it, so you are willing to try anything.

The truth is that there is not a quick fix for neck pain, especially chronic neck pain.

The pain in your neck is actually a symptom of an underlying problem. To eliminate the pain, you need to get to the source of the problem. Sure, pain medications relieve the pain – for a little while. However, unless you want to take pills for the rest of your life, medication is not a feasible answer. And even if you go that route, you know in a short time – whether months or years – the pain medication will simply no longer work.

You need permanent relief from the pain – and that pain relief is closer than you may think.

Chiropractic treatment could be the answer you need to provide permanent relief for your neck pain, as well as other aches and pains throughout your body. Through various treatment sessions with your chiropractor, you can begin to have the relief you need without the use of prescription medication or surgical intervention.

Chiropractic treatments help bring the spine and the neck into balance because even the slightest misalignment can cause pain. When your body is in alignment, the pain will diminish.

Through on-going treatment sessions, you can continue to ensure that your body is always in alignment, and you can keep the pain from coming back to your neck or any other area of your body.

No, it is not a quick fix – but it is a safe, natural fix that will improve your overall health and well-being.

We’re human. We move. We grow. We change. We’re busy all the time.

And because we are an ever-changing, ever-moving object, our bodies can take on abuse we aren’t even aware of at the time. Ever felt that little pain when you jump over a puddle of water? Or rubbed your neck after a long day at the office?

All of it adds up to one thing – subluxation.what is a subluxation What is a Subluxation?

What exactly is a subluxation?

A subluxation occurs when one or more of the bones in your spine move out of normal position. This creates pressure on spinal nerves, and irritates them greatly. This results in the malfunctioning of the spinal nerves, and they interfere with the signals traveling over those nerves. Nearby nerves that pass out from the spinal column to organs and tissues of your body may also be irritated due to subluxation.

Causes of subluxation

  • Physical- Falls, sports injuries, car accidents, poor posture, improper lifting, and repetitive movements can contribute to subluxation.
  • Emotional- grief, extreme stress, anger, and traumatic events can affect your body in a negative way.
  • Chemical- Smoking, substance abuse, food toxins, and poor nutrition can be causes of subluxation.

How does subluxation affect you? 

The nervous system controls essentially all of your bodily functions. When your nervous system is compromised, it affects many parts of your body. Some parts will not be able to function correctly due to improper nerve messages. This is why it is extremely important for a chiropractor to treat a subluxation.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize they have a subluxation until it is diagnosed. Only a chiropractor can properly locate and treat subluxations through a series of specially designed chiropractic adjustments. Regular chiropractic checkups can keep your nervous system in good shape. Longstanding subluxations may require many multiple visits in order to retrain and strengthen the muscles in the spine.

Can’t sleep? It may be time to buy a new mattress!

tips for buying a new mattress Tips for Buying a New MattressThe best mattress is one that allows you to get a solid night’s sleep without pain or tossing and turning. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s easy when you know beforehand what the mattress buying process entails and how to find a good mattress.

Do your homework:

·       Know how much you want to spend. Before you even step into a mattress store, be sure you have a clear idea of how much you can afford to spend. Remember, an expensive price tag does not always mean it’s a great mattress. Everyone is different and requires different things for a great night sleep.

·       Ask family and friends for suggestions. Or, look online for reviews of a particular mattress or mattress store. Or talk with your chiropractor; he can make suggestions for things to look for and things to avoid.

·       Consider your favorite beds. If you sleep like a rock on the hotel’s bed or friend’s guest bed, find out what kind of mattress it is. Use this as a starting point in your search for the perfect mattress.

·       Be on the lookout for sales. Many stores have big sales on holidays such as Fourth of July and Memorial Day.

Have an in-store game plan:

·       Bring your partner. If you share a bed with someone else, be sure to bring him or her along. After all, if you are both going to be sleeping on it, the bed should be comfortable for both of you.

·       Make sure the salesperson knows your needs. If you have a bad back or hate pillowtops, let them know. Their job is to sell you the best mattress for you. If you feel uncomfortable at one store, leave. There are many options out there in today’s world.

·       Spend a lot of time in the store. A good mattress is a big investment for some, so make sure you test all of the mattresses out that you are interested in.

When you have selected your favorite mattress, be sure to read the fine print when you make your purchase. Different stores have varying warranties and return policies. Check with the mattress store to see if they offer a comfort guarantee.

Suffering from stress, many Americans feel the negative effects from it every single day. In fact, many Americans actually suffer from chronic stress, which is a higher degree of stress. Chronic stress leads to even higher negative effects and can potentially lead to a negative way of living.

will chiropractic adjustments relieve stress Will Chiropractic Adjustments Relieve Stress?Such negative effects of stress include insomnia, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bowel problems, muscle tension and even migraines. Fighting the symptoms can be extremely difficult if you are not targeting the main problem, which is eliminating stress altogether. With so many Americans looking for practical solutions to chronic stress, many are wondering what works and what does not work.

In recent years, people have been looking at Chiropractic adjustments to determine whether or not this will reduce stress. For some, they still hear the old rumors of chiropractors not being “real” medical doctors, or its simply not an effective way to bring change into your life.

Are you one of the people that have avoided chiropractic because of the rumors and uncertainty?

Maybe its time for a change.

One of the many benefits of receiving chiropractic adjustments is pain relief. And its also one of the most common reasons people seek out a chiropractor. When everything else has been tried and a person is still living with pain, they begin to seek out alternatives. When chiropractic is used for pain relief, adjustments work at the root of the problem – not as a way to mask the symptoms. Chronic stresses such as migraines and back pains can be difficult at best to live with every day. And the more they are present, the more impact they have on the rest of your body. By relieving the overall pain, you will significantly see adjustments to your levels of stress.

You may also look at other things in your that may be impacting your stress level. Are work, family or friends causing high levels of stress? What can you do to reduce the daily impact?

Stress is almost always caused by internal and external factors. Chiropractic care can work to make sure your body is adjusted and functioning in a proper way. Then its up to you to look at the external factors and make changes to your life there as well.

It may entail doing other things such as meditation and yoga, which can also greatly reduce the risk of stress. It may be making changes to your work load. It may be making changes to your relationships.

But once your internal system is functioning and working at optimal level, you’ll feel well enough to put your energy elsewhere.

Relieving pain means you can get back to normal routines and become active again. Chiropractic care will help you with the pain. Give us a call today.

When someone sees a chiropractor for the first time, it’s usually because they are suffering from some form of back or neck pain or even headaches. They want the pain gone, and as soon as possible.

why chiropractic isnt about fixing Why Chiropractic Isn’t About FixingSome patients simply want a quick fix, regardless of how the initial injury or pain began. Many choose to ignore the fact that chiropractic isn’t simply about fixing your ailments. Sure, your chiropractor wants you to feel your best as soon as possible, but they also want you to remember maintenance. Without maintenance, there can be no fix. And most certainly not a quick one!

Those who seek the care of a chiropractor want help with their pain, and that is completely understandable and doable. However, putting a band-aid on a wound doesn’t necessary make it go away. When patients are not educated about proper chiropractic maintenance, they are essentially putting a band-aid on potentially serious spine problem.

Benefits of regular chiropractic care:

  • Reduced spinal pressure
  • Increased flexibility
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Better posture
  • Improved mood
  • Increased energy
  • Better range of motion in joints
  • Increased balance

Your body’s natural healing process is boosted when you feel good and have less pain. When you reduce your pain, you also reduce your stress. Pain can cause a lot of worry for some, which makes the pain they are experiencing even worse. When they are on the path to good chiropractic health, they can relax more and feel better about life in general.

When it comes to chiropractic care, many have a misconception that it’s all about popping and cracking the joints. The reality is that advances in chiropractic science make it possible for all sorts of conditions to be treated successfully through pain-free methods.

In order to maintain optimum health and functionality, the key is to refrain from looking for a quick fix. Instead, focus on a slow healing process that can ensure great overall health for years for to come.