Whiplash is one of the most prevalent injuries sustained in a car accident.  However, due to several common misconceptions, whiplash is also one of the least understood and underestimated injuries.  Without proper treatment, what started as a relatively minor injury can result in long term damage and discomfort.  If you or a loved one has suffered from whiplash, here are a few things you should know about your injuries.

what you should know about whiplash What You Should Know About WhiplashThe damage done during the accident is not an indicator of the severity of the whiplash.  Several factors impact the severity of a whiplash injury.  Just because the car has little damage, does not mean you got away with minimal injuries.  Heavy duty cars can take quite a beating, so you can sustain injuries long before your car shows significant damage.  Also, any head tilt or neck turn at the time of the incident can dramatically increase the severity of the whiplash.

Speed does not indicate the severity of whiplash.  Just as you cannot predict your injuries based on the damage done to the car, you cannot predict your injuries solely based on the speed you were going at the time of the accident.  Position, tension, speed of the other vehicle, and so much more can create an environment where severe whiplash can occur.

Women tend to suffer greater whiplash than men.   Women, in general, are not as strong as men.  As a result, women are more prone to suffer negative affects from whiplash than men in similar situations.

Whiplash injuries can lead to long term problems.  If whiplash injuries go untreated, they can lead to chronic neck problems and potentially headaches.  One prominent form of whiplash care is chiropractic adjustment.  Chiropractors work with the spinal column to renew alignment and functionality.  With proper treatment, people who suffer whiplash injuries will recover faster and maintain a higher functionality with less pain.


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