In many ways, our health care system is a “one size fits all” approach to wellness. Go in with a problem. Take a pill. And life goes on.

While many doctors are comfortable with this approach, as a chiropractor I look at wellness a little differently. Instead of looking at treatments in this manner, we treat each patient as an individual, prescribing different treatments based on needs and health issues.

Whenever we work with a patient, we approach it from one of three phases:

Relief – Corrective – Wellness

When a patient first visits with us, its usually because they are in pain or have suffered some type of injury which is making them seek treatment. They are in pain and need treatment fast.

The relief phase is focused in on their pain, getting to the root of the problem, and finding a way to alleviate their pain so they can continue on with normal activities as much as possible. We take x-rays to find where the problems originate, then start in on a course of action to help bring relief in as few sessions as possible.

achieve long term health with the three phases of chiropractic care Achieve Long Term Health With The Three Phases Of Chiropractic Care

Once a patient’s discomfort begins to diminish, we enter a corrective care phase. This is where we work on restoring adjustment and health to your whole body. Remember, it may have taken years to get to your current condition; wellness won’t occur over night. Instead, we take the approach where we work to increase your strength and flexibility, provide nourishment to the tissues in your nervous system, and give your body what it needs to return to its optimal condition.

The third phase is that of wellness. Its where we work together to maintain optimal health throughout your life. Little issues are constantly in front of you – a sports injury as you swing a golf club, or recovery from minor surgery. Even daily activities such as driving, walking and sitting in front of the computer can effect your body. We know life happens and use adjustments to keep you in optimal condition throughout your life.

If your body is in optimal condition, even the little mishaps along the way won’t impact you in the same way as if your body is already compensating for other injuries. It will react differently, recover more quickly, and help you stay as young as possible for as long as possible.

And that’s really what optimal health is all about.


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