Imagine you’re in a minor car accident after colliding with another car on the snowy streets of Denver. It was just a minor bump – you were both doing less than 20 miles an hour. There is a minor amount of damage, but after a quick trip to the body shop everything is back to normal.

Or is it?

When the accident occurred, did you see it coming? Did you tense up waiting for the bump? Did you hit at an angle that jolted you from side to side?steps to take after a car accident whether you feel neck pain or not Steps To Take After A Car Accident Whether You Feel Neck Pain Or Not

When we hit and are in a car accident, its easy to step outside and assess the damage to your car. With one quick look you can see the scrapes, dents and damage where the two cars collided. But what you can’t see is the damage you’ve sustained when you received the blow.

Your spine is one of the most amazing structures within your body. It consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic vertebrae, and 5 lumbar vertebrae, followed by the sacrum and the coccyx. It they were rigid and connected, your spine would be inflexible, meaning you wouldn’t be able to move much. Instead, between these bones are a series of spongy discs that act as cushions and give you the flexibility of being able to move and enjoy life. They are designed to give you shock absorbancy and allow you to do anything you choose.

In addition to the bones, your spinal column protects a series of muscles, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and nerves. These soft tissues are connected from the brain, through the spinal column, and on to every part of your body.

The top two vertebrae – the atlas and the axis – are different from the other vertebrae because they are designed for rotation. They allow your neck to rotate in many directions, including side to side. When strong, sudden movements occur – especially those you don’t expect or are caused when stressed or tense – there is a high risk of harm due to the limited amount of muscle support located in this delicate area.

Yet its not something you might notice at first glance.

You are tense. You have to deal with a damaged car. You have to deal with accident reports and insurance companies. You have to deal with auto body shops, towing companies, and even dealers if the damage was severe enough to total the car.

Of course the headache is caused by all of this interruption, right?

When injury occurs, your body does what it can to repair itself. But if it doesn’t get proper treatment, it repairs itself in the best way it possibly can. Which in many cases isn’t the correct way. And if that’s the trouble your neck is facing, you could be facing a lifetime of injury, pain and suffering.

All that may be preventable with a simple visit to your chiropractor, and an immediate routine of adjustments to put your injuries back into proper alignment.

To stay on track and be healthy for a lifetime, don’t wait for the pain. Connect with your chiropractor today and work to stay in your best health possible.


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