As a chiropractor, I look out for whole body wellness. Which means while I provide a full treatment plan for keeping your nervous system in alignment and working at optimal level, I also focus on other things you can be doing in your life as well. Like exercise, healthy eating, and supplements that will truly benefit your health for the long term.

Which is why I recommend chlorella. And not just any chlorella, but an organic chlorella.

what is chlorella What Is Chlorella?
Chlorella is a type of algae that grows in fresh water. The whole plant is used to make one of the healthiest and most potent types of food in existence. It has healing properties formed from a high content of chlorophyll and chlorella growth factor (SGF), which makes it high in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, such as iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, B vitamins, biotin, inositol, folic acid, essential fatty acids, vitamins C, E, K and RNA/DNA.

What can Chlorella do for you?

  • Improve energy levels
  • Daily detox
  • Helps with proper digestion
  • Improves your body’s ph levels
  • Promotes brain wellness
  • Improves overall nutrition
  • A heavy metal detoxifier
  • Aids constipation
  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Helpful with joint and muscle health
  • Strengthens your immune system

It is also used to relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), asthma attacks and fibromyalgia.

Remember, this isn’t a quick fix method. Chlorella is designed to help you experience long term health and wellness. In three to six months you should notice improved digestion, increased energy levels, and overall improvement in your well being.

Want even more information? Ask me today about the benefits or chlorella and what it can do for you.


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