“With every step I take, I feel this pain in my foot. I’ve never thought about asking a chiropractor about it. Could chiropractic help?”

One of the problems with our western approach to pain is we never think about where it originates or how to eliminate it completely. Instead, we look for the fastest road to getting rid of the pain, no matter what that road is.

Which is why a multi million dollar industry is focused around eliminating foot pain by using shoe inserts or custom fitted orthotics to wear inside of your shoes.foot pain how a chiropractor can help Foot Pain – How A Chiropractor Can Help

While wearing a great pair of shoes will help you overall, it rarely will correct a problem that already exists, or focus in on the underlying problem in the first place.

So, if a great shoe insert won’t help you eliminate the problem, what will? Injections? Medications? Surgery?

When you have pain in your foot, its your bodies way of telling you that something is wrong. Because most foot pain is related to a problem with the alignment of the 26 foot bones, the best solution will be one that focuses in on improving that misalignment in the best way possible. Specifically joint manipulation by a trained expert – a chiropractor.

If you have pain on the bottom or the heel of your foot, it could be caused by numerous factors, including footwear, activities, age, weight and overall health. Conditions can include plantar fascilitis, heel spur syndrome and metatarsalgia.

If you have pain in the ball of your foot, it is typically caused by a stress fracture, improperly sized shoes, or from wearing high heels. Ball of foot pain is commonly referred to as metatarsalgia.

Top of the foot pain is not as common as the bottom of the foot, but can still leave you experiencing irritation to the joints. High arches can play into this discomfort. However, it is usually do to tensed or strained tendons that pass over the area. In both cases, the foot pain is related to a mechanical dysfunction or misalignment of the bones.

Pain in the side of the foot, including the outside of the foot and the ankle, is usually caused by mechanical stress. It is often found in people that are very active, or that job and run. It can also be caused by shoes that are too tight, putting constricting pressure on either side of the foot.

Pain on the back of the foot or heel, commonly known as Achilles tendonitis, occurs when a great amount of stress or strain is placed on the Achilles tendon due to activity or abnormal movement of the foot, ankle or leg. Many times a patient will have experienced a prior history of ankle or foot sprain, possibly months or even years prior to the current pain developing.

In all cases, working with the foot and realigning the foot bones to their proper condition may help. If you have any questions, we would be happy to set up a consultation today.


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