When it comes to pain and and repetitive stress disorders like carpal tunnel, there are two paths to follow: the typical western management that looks to treat the symptoms with a pill, or the chiropractic approach which looks to get to the root of the problem.

When you’re having pain and tingling sensations in your hands and wrists, the first place a chiropractor will look is your neck. Specifically, the mid to lower cervical spine. This is where your nerve roots are; this is where your median and ulnar nerves originate and move down into your arms and hands.understanding repetitive stress Understanding Repetitive Stress

If there is an irritation at the nerve root – where the nerve connects to the vertebra of the neck – the nerve itself will not perform at its optimal level. As the nerve passes into the arm and down into your wrist and hand, it may actually be weak enough to allow additional symptoms to materialize when put through excessive stress.

An already weak muscle will become weaker when exposed to continual force.

And when it happens enough, western medicine names it, and thus carpal tunnel syndrome was created.

So how can you return to your normal state without the help of medicine or surgery? In many cases chiropractic adjustments can lead the way.

Carpal tunnel syndrome comes from repetitive stress on the same area, over and over again. When a nerve is damaged, it doesn’t provide the same protection to your system as when its working at 100 percent function.

When a chiropractor gets to the root of the problem and proceeds to adjust your vertebra back into place, it allows your nerves and muscles to return to their original state as well. This doesn’t occur over night. It took months or even years to get to your current condition; it will take time to repair the damage as well.

Adjustments work to return your body to its original working condition. With each part in proper placement, it can return to its normal function. And thus the repetitive stress, or carpal tunnel can be reduced, giving you back your flexibility and mobility you once had.

If you’ve been living with repetitive stress conditions in your life, why not see what chiropractic adjustments can do for you. Schedule an appointment today.


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