Have you ever seen one chiropractic office after another as you’ve driven around, and wondered what the difference is? In reality, every chiropractic office is different and offers you a different form of treatment. A chiropractor’s technique is the result of many factors:

  • Where he or she went to school
  • What specialty he or she studied
  • Their beliefs
  • Their physical stature
  • The type of chiropractic service offered
  • The person’s stature being adjusted

photodune 2430591 leisure xs Are There Different Kinds Of Chiropractic?

A chiropractor won’t adjust a 1 year old the same as a 60 years old. Nor will he adjust a 30 year old man who is maintaining his health as a professional golfer the same way as he would adjust a 40 year old woman who recently gave birth to twins.

When a chiropractor decides to go into business, his business is built around his beliefs. And typically there are two approaches to the service he brings his clients.

The first is usually termed mixed chiropractic, and is the older of the two. Mixed chiropractic is made up of chiropractors who have adopted different techniques from both the more traditional medical world, as well as from chiropractic. They incorporate certain medical procedures and treatments into their practice to offer you a wide variety of services without sticking to the core of chiropractic. For example, you may find a chiropractor that also offers more holistic medicine, such as homeopathy or naturopathic treatments, or may incorporate nutritional supplements, massage, physical therapy or rehabilitation therapy into your treatment plan.

The biggest problem with mixed chiropractic services is confusion. The public can quickly wonder what the role of chiropractic really is.

Which leads us to the second group which is termed straight chiropractic. This group of chiropractors define chiropractic by one simple objective.

The spine is made of many bone segments (vertebrae) which protect the spinal cord and the nerve branches. These nerve pathways carry information between the brain and the cells of the body. If this process is in any way impeded, that’s when the body begins shutting down and having problems. It will no longer maintain life in perfect function.

Because the bones are moveable, they can misalign in such a way that they begin to interfere with the nerves, and thus block the information being transferred. This is called vertebral subluxations.

Subluxations are rarely obvious to an individual. They have no symptoms. Yet this is where a chiropractor comes into play. By having your spine checked and adjusted regularly, a chiropractor can correct vertebral subluxation over time, and thus help you correct many of the everyday aches and pains that keep you from living life to its fullest. The earlier you seek treatment, the less damage this process can have.

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