Pregnancy is an exciting time for all expectant moms.

Its also a time when more than half of all moms to be will experience pain, especially in the last few weeks. Lower back pain, leg pain, and even pain in the buttocks can all be experienced as the baby’s head presses down, irritating her sciatic nerve. For those that already had lower back pain prior to pregnancy, the problem can become even worse.

As a woman’s pregnancy evolves, her center of gravity begins to shift towards the front of her pelvis. The woman’s weight continues to shift forward throughout the weeks of development, increasing the curvature of her lower back and placing added stress on the spinal disks.

chiropractic advice for moms to be Chiropractic Advice For Moms To Be

This is a normal process, one the body understands and compensates for. Pregnancy hormones help loosen the ligaments attached to the pelvic bone, making room for the growing baby.

Yet even though it’s a natural process, living with the aches and pains can in some cases take away from the overall experience.

And that’s where good health and chiropractic care come into play.

Chances are no matter what you’ve done to maintain your health before, throughout this process you are paying closer attention to everything you do.

Eating right is always a good idea, but especially now make sure you are getting a wide variety of nutrients on a daily basis. Exercise can be especially helpful to help strengthen your muscles and prevent discomfort. Get plenty of rest, sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs to take the pressure of your lower back.

If you are contemplating becoming pregnant, seeing a chiropractor first can help detect any imbalances in your pelvis or elsewhere in your body that would contribute to discomfort during pregnancy.

After you become pregnant, adjustments every week or two can provide relief from the increased lower back pain as your pregnancy progresses.

And after childbirth, chiropractic care can get you back on track as the ligaments loosened during pregnancy return to their normal state. It can help prevent muscle tension, headaches back pain, even shoulder problems that may have occurred over time.

Its never too early or too late to start receiving help from chiropractic treatments. Give us a call today.


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