Stress. In today’s society, its everywhere. Its no longer something that “the other guy” experiences; it’s a fact of life for all of us.

Although stress can occasionally be a benefit to us, help improve our focus or make our performance even better, for the most part stress can lead to serious health problems that will impact us the rest of our lives. Anxiety, depression, heart attacks, virtually every chronic situation people now live with on a daily basis are impacted by the amount of stress we bring into our lives.

The first step is realizing where your stressful situations are coming chiropractic can be a part of your stress relief management program1 How Chiropractic Can Be A Part Of Your Stress Relief Management Program

The second is to eliminate the stressful situations, and put healthy alternatives in its place.

Think Positive

Sounds easy enough; yet most of us fall into the trap of thinking negative throughout the day. Have you ever found yourself saying “how stupid can you be” or “that was a dumb thing to do” over and over again? Instead of focusing in on the bad, retrain your brain to think positively instead. When you replace negative thoughts with constructive ones, stress can easily fade away.


There’s a saying out there that everyone should meditate 10 minutes a day; and if you’re too busy, you should meditate 20 minutes per day. The idea is to take 10 minutes to do nothing, relax and spend time on your inner self.

Head Back To Nature

Noise is all around us in the heart of the city. Even if you walk from your office to a café for lunch every day, the horns honking, traffic buzzing by can grade on your nerves. Now step out to a park outside of town. Better yet, head up to the mountains and enjoy a trail or two. In a very short amount of time, you’ll notice the difference inside and out.


Today we’re too wrapped up in what needs to be done. We rush from one thing to the next without taking time for the little things we enjoy. Stop one or two of the activities that keep you busy, and instead put in its place something you’ve enjoyed in the past but let go because of a lack of time. It could be knitting, gardening or skiing. The more you separate from the stuff that keeps you busy, the stuff that adds to your stress, the more you will find relief in the down time.

Human Touch

We live in a social world. Unfortunately, social has now taken on the meaning of having “friends” online, when in reality we’re too busy to spend time with the friends right in our own backyard. Virginia Satir, a famous family psychotherapist once said that a person needs 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 for maintenance, and 12 for growth. Yet how many of us get anywhere close to that during the course of a normal day? Massage can play a big part, and the therapeutic properties are proven again and again. It can lead to less pain, reduce depression and anxiety, allow for better sleep, and improve your happiness factor.

Combine all of that with regular visits to your chiropractor. A chiropractors job is to make sure your body is fully functioning, fully adjusted, and working at its optimal level. A body that works correctly means it responds correctly. And you can more easily focus on the areas that mean most to you.

If you’re ready to make chiropractic a part of your stress relief management program, give us a call today.


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