Colorado is one of the greatest places to live; a place that boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year. And if you head out to any of the hundreds of miles of trails we have right here in Denver, or anywhere throughout the Rocky Mountains, chances are you’ll find someone soaking up the sun and running at the same time. Its what we do here.

But if you are a regular jogger or runner, you’ve probably experienced more than just a sun tan; you’ve probably experienced runner’s knee as well.

chiropractic care for the runners knee Chiropractic Care For The Runners Knee

Runner’s knee is commonly described as an aching or throbbing in the knee cap. If you’ve experienced runner’s knee in the past, chiropractic can help you decrease the pain and increase the mobility and range of motion of the knee by working on the surrounding musculoskeletal structure and ligaments.

Then once your knee is back in shape and ready to go, try these four tips to help you remain in great condition.

1. Always start with an anti-inflammatory diet. Certain foods contribute to the pain and swelling that can take place around the knee cap. Eliminate foods such as dairy, excessive sugars and processed foods from your diet.

2. Stretch and strengthen your knees and legs. Your knees are one of the most sensitive parts of your legs. While running will keep you healthy, stretching before hand will keep your knees healthy. Work with a personal trainer to come up with a good series of stretches to use every day. Also work to take smaller steps while hiking, and avoid large stretches when taking stairs or climbing uphill terrain to avoid extra pressure on your knees.

3. Change your routine on a regular basis. You’ve probably heard the saying too much of a good thing can be bad. If you are following the same exercise routine and running the same patterns day in and day out, this can be true. Instead, give yourself variety. Move from cement to asphalt to a treadmill for different surfaces. Switch from cardio to weight training to keep your entire body in balance.

4. Always share with your chiropractor your daily routines. If you’ve been experiencing runner’s knee, share the information at each visit. He will be able to work with you and provide you with guidance on how to improve the feeling in your knee and your performance overall. He can also make adjustments to improve any structural and postural misalignments, which will help shift your weight and give you better alignment overall. All of which can actually improve the way you run, and cut down on the likelihood for future pain as well.

Autism is a term reserved for a group of complex disorders of brain development. These disorders are characterized by difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive behaviors.

Autism is currently identified in around 1 in 69 American children, a tenfold increase from just 40 years ago. It is more common in boys, effecting 1 out of every 42 boys and 1 out of every 189 girls. These statistics suggest there are millions of Americans living with autism and that more children are being diagnosed with autism then AIDS, cancer and juvenile diabetes combined.

chiropractic care and living with autism Chiropractic Care and Living With Autism

At this point in time, there is no cure for autism, and researchers are still working on the causes. Scientists have found that people diagnosed with autism share a number of genetic and environmental stresses that increase the risk. They include things like advanced parental age at the time of conception, maternal illness during pregnancy, and oxygen deprivation to the baby’s brain during birth. Increasingly, they are also finding the immune system may play a role.

How can chiropractic play an active role?

Chiropractic care removes the interference within the nervous system and allow the body to heal and function on its own accord. Because the nervous system is one of the major systems within our bodies, it has impact on many of our daily functions. The nervous system can impact hyperactivity, sleep issues, behavioral problems, sensory challenges, digestion problems, and immune system problems.

Autism can show signs in all of these areas, and increasingly is believed to be impacted in the immune system. When the nervous system has interferences, it cannot process our body’s signals at the optimal level. Meaning it must compensate in some other way. If a child has spectrum disorder, his or her nervous system is either stressed or delayed, impacting all other functions of the body.

Chiropractic care works with adjusting the nervous system. As a trained chiropractor, we can determine where the blockage, interference or over stimulation is in your child’s nervous system and adjust it accordingly. If you are questioning the results of western medicine and the drug regiment your child is on, lets talk about a natural alternative – chiropractic treatment – to help your child live the healthiest life possible.

You can’t open up a newspaper or magazine, or turn on the television and not see an advertisement for a mattress. They are everywhere. And each manufacturer promises something new and different that you simply can’t live without.

Ultimately, a mattresses job is twofold. One, it should provide you with a great night of sleep. And two, it should do so in a way that is pain free.

buying a new mattress for back pain Buying A New Mattress For Back Pain

Yet every mattress is different, just like every person is different. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. That said, how do you choose a new mattress, especially if you are living with back pain right now?

Personal Choice

There is no single style of mattress that will work for everyone. What you should focus in on is one that is comfortable for the way you like to sleep. Any mattress that helps someone sleep without pain of stiffness is a great choice for them. Yet how do you find that by looking through ads or walking into a showroom? Get on the bed. When you’ve narrowed down your choices, lay on the bed the way you normally sleep for around 15 minutes. A quick minute or two won’t reveal the overall effect on your body. Fifteen minutes, however, can reveal a lot.

The Physical Components

Beds today can be made from just about anything. Water, air, coils, foam, springs, every manufacturer has a different way of bringing comfort to their users. Mattresses usually come in a depth of 7 to 18 inches, and are filled or padded in a variety of ways. When you find something you like, ask about the materials. This can lead you to find other mattresses that offer similar features.


Overall, a mattress is designed to support you while at rest. A good mattress should provide support for your curves and for the alignment of your spine. The right amount of support will help you relieve muscle soreness in the morning. Studies have shown that a mattress with medium-firm support usually provides more relief from back pain than a firm mattress. If you like firmness, you may be better off increasing the padding level.

Get A New One

A mattress is something you spend 8 hours of every day on throughout your life. When a mattress begins showing signs of sagging, its time to replace it with something new. And with technology changing all the time, it’s a great way to improve your sleep patterns in the process.

Buy Carefully

Always stick with reputable manufacturers and stores when making your final selection. Be aware that mattress companies will use claims like “orthopedic” or “medically approved”. These terms are usually used for marketing purposes only, as extensive studies have not taken place on overall mattress design. Also consider a stores service and warranties. Will they remove your old mattress? Can you return it for another choice if it doesn’t live up to its claims in a few days? A mattress is an important choice, so choose wisely.

Did you know your posture says a lot about you?

Yes, good posture is something you probably learned when you were little. “Sit up straight”, your mom would tell you. There is a good reason for it. Good posture is linked to more confidence, better energy, and overall makes you more approachable and more attractive. But did you know good posture is also related to better health?

what your posture says about your health What Your Posture Says About Your Health

Your posture is the base of good health. Your posture will impact the health of your spine, which overall controls how healthy your systems operate. Poor posture leads to a weakened, injured or damaged spine. And because your spine holds the most important system in your body – your nervous system – the rest of your body is impacted in the process.

The nervous system controls everything in your body. It connects the brain to all the other organs in your body. When interference occurs between the two, it leads to miscommunication. And that’s where trouble begins.

Injury and damage can have a huge impact on the way your body behaves. But it doesn’t take a massive problem to have a huge impact on the way you feel. It can start with a simple kink.

If you’ve ever watered your lawn or garden with a hose, you understand how a simple kink can make a world of difference. Turn the water on, and water flows freely to your lawn or garden. Yet if your hose twists and kinks, the water abruptly stops.

Kinks in the spine work in a similar manner. If you have a small kink in your spine, it begins influencing your nervous system. It stops the flow to the other organs in your body. It may not be noticeable; but even the smallest of disruptions can add up over time.

Now add up multiple disruptions. Over time, these kinks can add up if not properly adjusted. And that’s where your true problems begin.

Its impossible to have good health and poor posture. The two go hand in hand. And that’s where chiropractic can play an important role. Listen to the advice your mom gave you all those years ago. Stand up straight and sit in a chair made for good posture while working. Then work with your chiropractor to ensure proper posture from the inside out.