You can’t open up a newspaper or magazine, or turn on the television and not see an advertisement for a mattress. They are everywhere. And each manufacturer promises something new and different that you simply can’t live without.

Ultimately, a mattresses job is twofold. One, it should provide you with a great night of sleep. And two, it should do so in a way that is pain free.

buying a new mattress for back pain Buying A New Mattress For Back Pain

Yet every mattress is different, just like every person is different. What works for one won’t necessarily work for another. That said, how do you choose a new mattress, especially if you are living with back pain right now?

Personal Choice

There is no single style of mattress that will work for everyone. What you should focus in on is one that is comfortable for the way you like to sleep. Any mattress that helps someone sleep without pain of stiffness is a great choice for them. Yet how do you find that by looking through ads or walking into a showroom? Get on the bed. When you’ve narrowed down your choices, lay on the bed the way you normally sleep for around 15 minutes. A quick minute or two won’t reveal the overall effect on your body. Fifteen minutes, however, can reveal a lot.

The Physical Components

Beds today can be made from just about anything. Water, air, coils, foam, springs, every manufacturer has a different way of bringing comfort to their users. Mattresses usually come in a depth of 7 to 18 inches, and are filled or padded in a variety of ways. When you find something you like, ask about the materials. This can lead you to find other mattresses that offer similar features.


Overall, a mattress is designed to support you while at rest. A good mattress should provide support for your curves and for the alignment of your spine. The right amount of support will help you relieve muscle soreness in the morning. Studies have shown that a mattress with medium-firm support usually provides more relief from back pain than a firm mattress. If you like firmness, you may be better off increasing the padding level.

Get A New One

A mattress is something you spend 8 hours of every day on throughout your life. When a mattress begins showing signs of sagging, its time to replace it with something new. And with technology changing all the time, it’s a great way to improve your sleep patterns in the process.

Buy Carefully

Always stick with reputable manufacturers and stores when making your final selection. Be aware that mattress companies will use claims like “orthopedic” or “medically approved”. These terms are usually used for marketing purposes only, as extensive studies have not taken place on overall mattress design. Also consider a stores service and warranties. Will they remove your old mattress? Can you return it for another choice if it doesn’t live up to its claims in a few days? A mattress is an important choice, so choose wisely.


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