Colorado is one of the greatest places to live; a place that boasts over 300 days of sunshine a year. And if you head out to any of the hundreds of miles of trails we have right here in Denver, or anywhere throughout the Rocky Mountains, chances are you’ll find someone soaking up the sun and running at the same time. Its what we do here.

But if you are a regular jogger or runner, you’ve probably experienced more than just a sun tan; you’ve probably experienced runner’s knee as well.

chiropractic care for the runners knee Chiropractic Care For The Runners Knee

Runner’s knee is commonly described as an aching or throbbing in the knee cap. If you’ve experienced runner’s knee in the past, chiropractic can help you decrease the pain and increase the mobility and range of motion of the knee by working on the surrounding musculoskeletal structure and ligaments.

Then once your knee is back in shape and ready to go, try these four tips to help you remain in great condition.

1. Always start with an anti-inflammatory diet. Certain foods contribute to the pain and swelling that can take place around the knee cap. Eliminate foods such as dairy, excessive sugars and processed foods from your diet.

2. Stretch and strengthen your knees and legs. Your knees are one of the most sensitive parts of your legs. While running will keep you healthy, stretching before hand will keep your knees healthy. Work with a personal trainer to come up with a good series of stretches to use every day. Also work to take smaller steps while hiking, and avoid large stretches when taking stairs or climbing uphill terrain to avoid extra pressure on your knees.

3. Change your routine on a regular basis. You’ve probably heard the saying too much of a good thing can be bad. If you are following the same exercise routine and running the same patterns day in and day out, this can be true. Instead, give yourself variety. Move from cement to asphalt to a treadmill for different surfaces. Switch from cardio to weight training to keep your entire body in balance.

4. Always share with your chiropractor your daily routines. If you’ve been experiencing runner’s knee, share the information at each visit. He will be able to work with you and provide you with guidance on how to improve the feeling in your knee and your performance overall. He can also make adjustments to improve any structural and postural misalignments, which will help shift your weight and give you better alignment overall. All of which can actually improve the way you run, and cut down on the likelihood for future pain as well.


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