Did you know your posture says a lot about you?

Yes, good posture is something you probably learned when you were little. “Sit up straight”, your mom would tell you. There is a good reason for it. Good posture is linked to more confidence, better energy, and overall makes you more approachable and more attractive. But did you know good posture is also related to better health?

what your posture says about your health What Your Posture Says About Your Health

Your posture is the base of good health. Your posture will impact the health of your spine, which overall controls how healthy your systems operate. Poor posture leads to a weakened, injured or damaged spine. And because your spine holds the most important system in your body – your nervous system – the rest of your body is impacted in the process.

The nervous system controls everything in your body. It connects the brain to all the other organs in your body. When interference occurs between the two, it leads to miscommunication. And that’s where trouble begins.

Injury and damage can have a huge impact on the way your body behaves. But it doesn’t take a massive problem to have a huge impact on the way you feel. It can start with a simple kink.

If you’ve ever watered your lawn or garden with a hose, you understand how a simple kink can make a world of difference. Turn the water on, and water flows freely to your lawn or garden. Yet if your hose twists and kinks, the water abruptly stops.

Kinks in the spine work in a similar manner. If you have a small kink in your spine, it begins influencing your nervous system. It stops the flow to the other organs in your body. It may not be noticeable; but even the smallest of disruptions can add up over time.

Now add up multiple disruptions. Over time, these kinks can add up if not properly adjusted. And that’s where your true problems begin.

Its impossible to have good health and poor posture. The two go hand in hand. And that’s where chiropractic can play an important role. Listen to the advice your mom gave you all those years ago. Stand up straight and sit in a chair made for good posture while working. Then work with your chiropractor to ensure proper posture from the inside out.


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