What Chronic Pain Is Really Telling You What Chronic Pain Is Really Telling You

Chronic pain can come in many shapes and forms. You might find yourself suffering with chronic pain in your arm or your leg. You might find yourself dealing with painful headaches on a daily basis. Your feet might constantly be in pain or your shoulder might feel like it is on fire.

Chronic pain is pain that will not go away, even when it is treated with medication. If you suffer from chronic pain, you have probably paid a visit to your doctor. He or she may have ordered more tests or prescribed medication.

In a perfect world, the tests would reveal a problem that is easy to fix. Or, the medication would work right away, giving you the pain-free life you need. However, we do not live in a perfect world – in many cases of chronic pain, tests and medications do not work. They do not work because your doctor is only focused on the site of the pain. Chronic pain may only rear its ugly head in one area of your body – but that does not mean the root of the pain is in the same area. Read more

Have you ever stopped to realize how dependent we humans are on our nerve systems?  Everything we do in a day depends on the nerve system, from breathing to moving, to driving a car, doing our job requirements, thinking, even sleeping depends on the nerve system.  There is research today showing that the nervous system is integrally involved in every single bodily function – even learning.nerve interference Do You Have Nerve Interference?

In order for us to learn anything we have to take information from our environment and get it into our brain to be processed.  To learn something is hot we use touch.  To learn a new sound we listen.  To learn a new color we use vision and so on and so on.  All of our senses are merely receptors for our nerve system to gather information, and then the nerve system must accurately transmit that information to the brain.  The brain can only learn what the nerve system tells it.

Imagine if we have interference in the nerve system that distorts information coming into the brain.  We may actually be giving the brain distorted information and the brain learns it.  So now when we ask the brain to use that information…it gives us distorted information back out.  In computer terms they say, “garbage in – garbage out.”  We can only get as clear and correct information from our brain as we put in.
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Migraines are debilitating.  They impact people at work, at home, in their relationships and with their families. Typically, migraines take time to develop.  They usually begin with common headaches and grow over time into the complex problem that many people face.  Migraines are complex because there are three fronts on which you must attack the problem.  One is the structural cause of the headache.  The others are the chemical toxicity caused by the medicinal treatment used to attempt to prevent or treat a migraine once it strikes, and the emotional stresses we all face.  In my experience, as with most chronic symptoms like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s, and migraines, these episodes all start with some traumatic event.  These traumas can be physical like car accidents or serious injury, but they can also be emotional or chemical.  Emotional events can be overlooked, but play as much a role in the development of migraines, if not more than the physical events.  Divorce, a death in the family, work-related stresses, etc. can set off the chain of events that lead to these chronically debilitation situations.  Chemical toxicity can come from the food we eat, pollution, and medicines. 

The treatment of migraines must include a plan to fight the chemical toxicity, any emotional causes and the structural injury.  First, the structural cause must be stabilized.  This is what I specialize in.  Using precise analysis through thermography, postural analysis and x-ray, spinal misalignments that cause nerve irritation (subluxation) are found.  Subluxation of the top 2 bones in the spine lead to health issues of all kinds, but migraines are always (yes, I said always) caused by atlas(C1) and/or axis(C2) subluxation.  Nerve irritation at these levels of the 1st and 2nd cervical(neck) vertebrae(bones of the spine) are the cause of migraines.  Correction of these vertebral misalignments allow for the nerve function to be restored.  This functional restoration leads to healing of the body.  Health is defined by 100% function.  It is the brain and nervous systems job to make the body function at 100%.  Any irritation to the nervous system leads to illness, therefore, any irritation must be corrected for healing to occur.  Correction of atlas/axis subluxations is not a one time thing.  Stability of this area can take weeks to months depending on how long these injuries have been there.  I am an expert at correcting the structural cause of migraines.  One thing is certain…the body is a self-healing machine as long as the nerve flow happens with no interference.

Chemical toxicity is battled two ways.  One, get rid of the toxins that exist.  Sounds easy enough.  There are lots of ways to do this: herbal cleansing, juicing, supplementation, dietary change to name a few.  Each case is different and this is to be evaluated after proper examination.  Two, one must QUIT putting toxins in.  This is harder than getting rid of the toxins.  Most people that suffer from migraines have a routine of treatment that has been learned through trial and error.  However, almost everyone takes medicine at some point in their routine.  I understand that there is a time and a place for medicine, but just know that if God meant it to be there, you would have been born with it.

Now for the emotional part.  This can be the most challenging part of treatment for some.  As crazy as it sounds, some people are attached to the attention they get from their ailing.  It fills a void for some people emotionally.  I know what you are thinking…how could someone want to get a migraine?  The attention received from others as they suffer can be a huge subconscious stimulant.  That being said, that is not the hardest part.  The hardest part is facing the emotional events that got you here in the first place.  Emotional healing is hard.  Some of us don’t know where to start or what event it could have been that caused us to suffer today.  A great place to start is seeking help from family, a pastor or priest, counselors or mentors.  They may help identify the event and help you get resolution.  Forgiveness is easy to talk about, but it is a whole other thing to do it.  Once you forgive, whether it be yourself or someone else, true healing will happen.

People suffer needlessly from migraines and correction is possible.  It takes commitment, but living life without the limitations from migraines is motivation enough to do what it takes to get well and stay that way.  Contact me with any questions or concerns you have about your or a loved one’s situation.