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Think you’ve tried chiropractic care in the past and it just wasn’t for you? Think again.

Did you know there are many different types of chiropractic techniques used by chiropractors around the world? Some chiropractors use a holistic approach. Some mix in modern western medicine with their chiropractic beliefs. And still others blend a variety of chiropractic philosophies into their current practice.

Just like all dentists treat the teeth, yet have different philosophies and bedside manners, chiropractors each bring their own beliefs, personal experiences and education to the table. Which allows you to make choices on what is the best method for you.

If you’ve heard of the Blair technique before, how do you find a Blair Chiropractor in Colorado?

Luckily, you’ll find a chiropractor specializing in the Blair technique right here in the South Denver Metro area.

The Blair Technique is a specific type of chiropractic service that analyzes and adjusts the upper cervical vertebrae of the spinal column. Special attention is given to the first two cervical vertebrae – the atlas and axis – as they are the most freely moveable vertebrae in the spinal column, and the ones most often misaligned.

Our sole purpose as a Blair Chiropractor is to analyze and correct vertebral subluxations in a precise manner. Our goal is not to diagnose or treat disease or conditions. Instead, we rely on your body’s intelligence to mend, repair and maintain health from within.

Ready to give the Blair Chiropractic Technique a try? Give us a call today.

When you are young, you simply don’t think about what the future brings. If you’re healthy and active, why concern yourself with future problems? Yet thinking and planning for the future is vitally important at a young age, to allow you to stay active and healthy to a ripe old age.

The reason I got into chiropractic care is because I wanted to concentrate on healthy living, not reacting to problems as they happen. I want to be just as active in my 20’s and 30’s as I will be in my 80’s and 90’s. And that doesn’t happen unless you plan for it as early as possible.

iStock 000000853503XSmall How Chiropractic Techniques Can Help You Live Healthier

Chiropractic care can help you live pain free.
One of the reasons many of us slow down is because of pain. When a pain starts in your neck or lower back, its automatic to want to avoid pain. And because you feel pain when you’re active, you simply stop doing things that aggravate the problem. Chiropractic care can restore proper function to the joints and areas where you experience pain, giving you back the freedom to do what you love doing.

Chiropractic care can help you live with less stress.
We all have stress in our lives. That’s a fact of life. But sometimes you can have added stress if you can’t sleep well, or don’t feel your best. Restoring your health can give you back peace of mind, and allow you to feel better about yourself.

Chiropractic care can help you change the way you think of western medicine.
What seems healthier to you, doing things naturally, or supplementing with medicines and surgeries? Chiropractic care focuses on wellness, and restoring your body to a healthy condition. I believe many of today’s most common problems are caused by too many surgeries and over medication. Start with the root cause, and work to correct the function that exists within your body.

Only then will you live pain free, stress free, and a more health, balanced life.

In a report put out last week by The President’s Cancer Panel, we’re finally coming to a realization as a nation that what you put into your body has the ultimate affect on how healthy your lifestyle will be.

In 2009, approximately 1.5 million American men, women, and children were diagnosed with cancer, and 562,000 died from the disease. According to the report, a growing body of evidence links what we come into contact with in our environment ultimately determines our risk for cancer.

The study goes on to suggest that in addition to preventative measures, such as doctor visits, self examinations and screenings, we should also be increasing the way we approach a healthy lifestyle. Buy organic foods whenever possible, check radon levels in your home, and microwave food in glass containers rather than plastic.

In other words, its time to step up to the plate, and take charge of the way we look at our health, and the way we currently live our lives.

iStock 000007832360XSmall Health and Wellness Instead of Chemicals and Cancer

Instead of being reactive – finding solutions after we’ve been diagnosed with a problem – its time to find the solution first.

As new studies and legislation come forward, use them to make changes in your life.

Avoid using plastics made with bishpenol-A, better known as BPA, found in many beverage and food containers.

Continue with self examinations and screenings, that can find problems early, and help you get the treatment you need before it turns into high risk.

Make chiropractic a part of your regular routine. Chiropractic works on wellness, and works to keep your spine and nerve system in top shape. Because your spine and nerve system are core to your overall health, even a small injury can have big impact on your health. Correcting nerve dysfunction can improve your health, and allow you to get back into life.

I heard a commercial on the radio today that made a great point.  I don’t remember what the commercial was for, but it went something like this:

Boss to secretary – “What’s my schedule like for today?”

Secretary replies – “You have a 9 o’clock with the attorney, a lunch meeting with Jim, and don’t forget your car accident at 2:30.  Would you like a fender bender or a head on collision?”

Chiropractic Care Centennial Making Time For Chiropractic Care – Or A Heart Attack

The moral of the story is – we don’t plan accidents and surprises.  Wouldn’t it be convenient if we could plan for the unseen before it happened?  It would make our lives much easier.

Guess what?  In a way, you can plan for the unseen (some of the time).

Have you ever said, “I know I need to exercise more and eat better” or “I know I need to schedule regular chiropractic appointments and take better care of myself, I just don’t have the time.”

Sooner or later your body is going to demand you take care of yourself (usually in the form of a disease or pain crisis) and I guarantee it will be less convenient than it would be if you schedule it now.  Imagine throwing serious disease into your already busy schedule – how will you fit it in then?

Instead of waiting for the unexpected, plan for the unforeseen now.  If you do not take care of yourself like you know that you should, it will catch up with you.  It doesn’t take a psychic.

Take the time, be proactive and take charge of your health direction.

You don’t want to start worrying about your health on the day your secretary says, “Don’t forget you have a heart attack scheduled for 3:00.”

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