Headaches What Your Chiropractor Can Do Headaches … What Your Chiropractor Can Do

If you suffer from chronic headaches, you may be struggling to find relief.

Sure, over-the-counter medications and even prescription medications can help relieve the pain. However, these medications are only providing temporary relief. You may not want to be on pain pills for the rest of your life. You need to find the source of the headaches and eliminate it.

Chiropractic treatments may be the answer you need.

Spinal treatments from a chiropractor has proven to be helpful in not only relieving the pain caused by many headaches, but also in eliminating the headaches altogether. Misalignments in your spine, especially in your neck, can be a leading cause of headaches. With chiropractic treatment, you can get your neck and spine back in alignment – and reduce or eliminate your headaches for good. Read more

Chiropractic Tips To Improve Your Golf Game Chiropractic Tips To Improve Your Golf Game

If you are an avid golfer, you know how tough golfing can be on your body. Remember your first day on the greens after a long, cold winter?

While it might feel like you’ve recovered after a few days of golfing and it becomes a part of your weekly schedule, your body may still be feeling the trauma. Golf may not involve running, jumping, tackling, kicking, and other strenuous activities – but it is a tough sport, especially on your back. The golfer’s stance of being slightly stooped over as you line up a shot can cause strain on your back, especially if you golf several times a week.

Repeatedly being bent over like that hundreds of times each week can leave you with numerous aches and pains. These tips will help you stay on top of your golf game, while protecting your back and spine.

Make sure your equipment is suitable for your body. If you use golf clubs that are too short, you will only put even more strain on your back. Instead of buying used clubs or using hand-me-downs, invest in quality equipment that fits your body.

Stretch before golfing. You may not be overexerting your body as you golf, but you are still performing physical activity. A few minutes of stretching your torso will ensure that you do not strain the muscles and ligaments in your upper body as you golf.

Wear shoes that fit and use inserts for extra support. Golfers are on their feet for hours at a time. The right shoes and inserts will cushion your feet and provide needed support for your spine and body.

Don’t rely on your golf cart to traverse the green. The rough ride of cart can be hard on your spine, so alternate between walking and riding to give your back a break.

Don’t try to take the impossible shots – they can actually inflict injury on your wrists and add even more strain to your spine. Sometimes, you have to admit defeat to avoid injury.

Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Golfing may not seem like a strenuous sport, but it can be quite draining. Drink lots of water as you golf to ensure that your body is hydrated.

Chiropractic Care And A Colicky Baby Chiropractic Care And A Colicky Baby

It’s every new parents nightmare.  You bring your little bundle of joy home, only to find out your bundle is not overjoyed.  Colic can begin as early as two weeks old and lasts for up to four months.  That’s four, nerve racking, sleep deprived, heart wrenching months.  Your little one is constantly crying and you can’t sooth him or her.  What a terrible situation.

For years parents, doctors, and researchers have been seeking a cause and a cure for colic.  To date, there is no proven cause of colic.  As a result, remedies are hard to come by and even harder to prove effective.

Current methods for dealing with colic can be broken down into two categories: natural and medicated.  The most common prescription drug for colic is dimethicone.  Medical advice will tell you this drug tends to reduce colicky crying by up to an hour. Yet do you really want to start your newborn out on a drug regiment? Read more

3 Phases of Chiropractic Care 3 Phases of Chiropractic Care

In general, there are two types of patients that seek out chiropractic treatment.

Those that focus in on wellness, and use chiropractic treatments to maintain their health.

Those that find themselves with an acute condition, and look to chiropractic to reduce pain and avoid medicinal treatments.

When you make the decision to forgo prescription medications and other forms of pain relief, chiropractic care is an ideal alternative. With chiropractic care, you do not have to stuff your body full of potentially dangerous medications. Chiropractic care takes a natural approach to alleviating pain and healing the source of the problem.

There are three phases of chiropractic care that you can expect.

1. Relief – The first phase is simply providing you with as much pain relief as possible. Your chiropractor wants you to feel better. He or she will offer treatments as many as several times each week to give you relief from the physical pain. You will likely notice immediate relief from the pain, sometimes within the first treatment. The goal is to get your pain level down to a manageable level, then concentrate on healing your entire body. Once you are feeling better, you will move on to the next phase. Read more