If you suffer from an aching back or strained neck, there could be an unexpected source for your pain. Believe it or not, your purse or handbag could be the culprit!

the source of your neck or back pain could be your purse 200x300 The Source of Your Neck or Back Pain Could Be Your PurseIt’s true. According to health experts, your purse or handbag could be the reason for back, neck, and shoulder pain when it is worn incorrectly and too heavy. Sure, you could blame your posture or your chair, but your bag is most likely what is causing you physical distress.

In today’s fashion world, big purses are in. They come in every style, color and fabric imaginable, and its easy to want one to complement every outfit you own. But once you own a big purse, its easy to find things to put in it. You have the space, why not fill it up, right?

The weight against your muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments can cause headaches, pain, and other body aches as well as osteoarthritis. If you carry a heavy bag incorrectly daily for a long time, you could even cause nerve trauma and require medical attention

Here are some tips to choosing the right bag and wearing it ergonomically so that you can still remain stylish without the pain!

Choose a bag with wide straps. They reduce stress by distributing the weight more evenly over the shoulder.

Lighten the load. Many women carry more than they need in their purses and handbags. Your bag should weigh no more than two to three pounds, so clean out your purse and only leave the essentials.

Consider a backpack. They reduce shoulder pain if they aren’t packed heavily. Backpacks can be stylish while providing you more room and compartments.

Across your body is best. Keeping your purse or bag near your body is the key to wearing it the right way. Usually, hobo bags and messenger bags are great for wearing across the body, keeping the bulky part close. Make sure the strap is not too long!

Switch it up. To prevent overworked muscles, switch sides every few minutes instead of carrying your purse on the same side constantly.

By changing the heavy bag you carry daily and/or lightening your load, you can prevent physical pain and injuries now and years down the road!

School is back in session and soon enough, the cold weather will be upon us. With the cold weather comes the holiday season – and the flu season.

fall chiropractic tip staying healthy as the weather turns cold Fall Chiropractic Tip: Staying Healthy As The Weather Turns ColdWith your busy lifestyle, who needs the flu, right? After all, you have school activities, meetings at work, and even those fun weekend trips to enjoy the Rocky Mountain beauty that take priority. Not staying home in bed.

Every year we say we would like to stay as healthy as possible. Every year we want to try something that will help build our immune system and keep us as healthy as possible.

Make this your year you do just that … and stay healthy!

  • Get plenty of rest. Sleeping is the body’s natural way of healing and restoring itself. Make sure you get at least 8 full hours of restful sleep every night to help keep your body healthy. A good book, a warm bath, and a quiet atmosphere should do the trick.
  • Watch what you eat. Sure, you paid attention during swimsuit season, but you might find yourself tempted to eat more during the colder weather. After all, you will be bundled up in warm clothes and coats, so who will notice a few extra pounds, right? Eating a well-balanced diet will help ensure that your body receives all of the nourishment, vitamins, and proteins it needs to keep your immune system strong.
  • Visit your chiropractor for a nervous system checkup. You may not think about it much, but your nervous system connects to every inch of your body. If one thing goes wrong, such as an out-of-balance area on your spine, it affects your nervous system and could lead to aches and pains. A chiropractic treatment will keep your spine in perfect alignment and balance to keep you pain-free during the winter.
  • Get plenty of exercise. Avoid being a couch potato just because it is cold outside. Visit the gym or workout in the comfort of your own home. Even a brisk walk in the cold air will not only invigorate you, but will also help keep you in good physical shape during the colder months.
  • Stay positive. Your mental outlook on life has a huge effect on your overall health. Think healthy, stay active, and make good lifestyle choices – you will have a most enjoyable winter!

Whether you are having your first child or your fifth child, having a baby is such an exciting time of your life! You are sure to have many worries and fears during your pregnancy, including a breech birth.

natural tips for turning a breech baby 300x199 Natural Tips For Turning A Breech BabyA breech birth involves having a baby that is not in the right position in the birth canal. A breech baby is not head first in the canal – instead, he is feet and buttocks first. This can be quite a difficult situation for both you and the baby.

The best option for a breech baby is to try and turn the baby around, so he will be in the natural position for birth. Here are some natural tips for turning a breech baby, so neither you nor your baby is in any danger.

  • Get into the breech tilt position, which is lying on your back with your hips raised about 18 inches above your shoulders. You can use pillows to keep your hips raised in the air. This will encourage your baby to change his position. You can use this technique, along with visualization, to help your little one move into the right position.
  • Try massaging your abdomen in a clockwise direction. This will encourage your baby to move within the uterus. Massaging the outside of your little toes has also been shown to help stimulate a baby to move.
  • Use a flashlight to get your baby’s attention. Just because he is still in the womb does not mean he cannot see light. Flash the light near the area where you believe his head to be, then move the light quickly towards your pubic bone area. The quick movements of the light will get your baby’s attention and, hopefully, his natural curiosity will cause him to follow the light and get into the right birthing position.
  • Use music in place of a flashlight and encourage your baby to follow the music down towards your pelvic bone area.
  • Use ice to stimulate your baby. Your little one does not care for the cold, so place a bag of ice or frozen vegetable near your baby’s head to encourage him to move away from the ice and into the birthing position.

While simple, natural techniques can help, always keep in mind its best to work with the people you trust for your birthing process. And a chiropractor may be the perfect choice to add into the process.

A normal fetus will present breech in the second trimester and spontaneously invert some time during the third trimester. Your baby’s position will be unstable until 35 to 36 weeks. At that point you can begin working with your chiropractor and any other experts following your care to help you get into the best position possible for the birthing process.

You have probably seen the commercials on TV about shingles. The commercials talk about the fact that if you have had chicken pox, you already carry the virus for shingles.

how to eliminate shingles using chiropractic 300x300 How To Eliminate Shingles Using ChiropracticThese commercials speak the truth – if you have ever had chicken pox, you have a higher chance of having a shingles outbreak because the virus is already inside of you.

Chances are that you probably never give the shingles virus any thought at all, whether or not you have had chicken pox. However, having your first outbreak of shingles is going to make it the only thing on your mind.

Shingles is a painful condition that involves the immune system, nerve endings and the nervous system. When a person experiences an outbreak, they will notice a raised, red, bumpy area of their skin. This area will only focus on one particular area of the body – and it will be painful.

Shingles result from damaged or weakened nerves and/or immune systems. If you have a nerve area that is under pressure, you may develop shingles in that area. Which means if you keep your nervous system and immune system healthy and properly functioning, your chances of contracting shingles decreases dramatically.

How can you do that?

See your chiropractor regularly.

More and more people are turning to chiropractic treatment for shingles because chiropractic care focuses on the spine and the nervous system.

When shingles presents itself along a specific path, usually a circular path, it is actually following the path of the damaged nerve. Your chiropractor can help relieve the nerve pressure that is causing the shingles outbreak.

It is imperative that you seek treatment at the first sign of a shingles outbreak. If you put off seeking treatment right away, it will only take longer to get relief. The virus damages the nerve even more during an outbreak – the longer the virus is active, the more damage your nerve will experience.

And of course if you haven’t had shingles yet, your best course of action is to prevent it altogether. Through various forms of treatment, your chiropractor will help you get the relief you need. And help you from getting future outbreaks at all.