Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Are you ready to get back into life?

If you’ve found yourself holding back from every day activities because of pain or discomfort, its time for Watts Chiropractic. Many of our patients come in looking for relief from symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, migraine headaches, sports injuries, TMJ, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Through our program, we help you return to a healthy lifestyle, and help you achieve your greatest potential for health and wellness.

At Watts Chiropractic, we offer you the Blair Chiropractic Technique or better know as the Upper Cervical Technique. Call us today to reserve your spot 303.263.5052


The Blair Chiropractic Technique is used to analyze and correct vertebral misalignments in an accurate, precise and specific manner to mend, repair and maintain health from within. We utilize neurological tests, x-rays, heat sensitive instrumentation and other means to determine when vertebral is misaligned; then provide specific adjustment tailored to each individual. Continue reading …


We also have a special focus just for children.

If you’ve ever sat awake at night with a child crying from colic, breathing problems, or ear infections, chiropractic attention may give both you and your child relief.


We evaluate and adjust babies as early as newborn, and work to create an individualized program specifically for his or her size, weight and unique spinal anatomy. If your child does need adjustment, it is a safe, painless procedure that will help him or her improve his or her health complaints. And because children don’t have the years of stress that adults do, they will typically hold their adjustments longer, improving their health as they grow.

Get started today by giving us a call! 303.263.5052. We look forward to helping you improve your health, and get back into life.