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Have an injury that just won't seem to heal? Want To Avoid Painful Surgery?

Have an injury that just won't seem to heal?
Want To Avoid Painful Surgery?

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This Technology Is Backed By Science, Research & Development:

Is This Treatment Right For You?

Need Surgery?

This treatment can reduce or eliminate the need for expensive and painful surgery for the knee, shoulder, hip, elbow, etc.

Tired of Pain Killers?

The SoftWave Machine is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment that stops the need to take pain killers.

Considering Cortisone Shots?

Shots are expensive and temporary at best. Our treatment can give you lasting relief by helping your body actually heal.

Joint Pain?

Our treatment can provide full, lasting relief from joint pain.


Our treatment can reverse the causes of arthritis by removing scar tissue.

Sports Injury?

Major NFL Teams are using this technology. We can get you back in the game faster and safer than most treatments.

Hip/Knee Pain?

You do NOT have to live with this. Many of our patients experience dramatic relief in their first session.

Neuropathy or Neuralgia?

We can treat all types of neuropathy and neuralgia with this. What will it be like to feel, normally, again?


Our treatment reduces inflammation fixing the root causes of both tendonitis and bursitis.

Our Treatment Helps...

...more pains and injuries than we can list.

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Results (Before & After)

Before Treatment

After Treatment

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We Serve The State Of Colorado and Beyond.

Here's How It Works

Getting the healing you need is easy:

Step 1

Call and discuss any questions you have, then book an appointment if you're ready.

Step 2

Come to your appointment. We'll go over all your concerns, and provide your first treatment.

Step 3

You experience relief, begin healing, and decide if further treatment is for you.

Our clients prefer this non evasive alternative to painful and expensive surgeries or medications.  For just $59, isn’t it worth it to try this first?

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Great choice! You have nothing to lose and, potentially, a groundbreaking solution for non-surgical healing to gain!

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